It’s been almost 30 years since she passed away, but Lady Di’s looks are still our greatest source of inspiration . From her mythical bob chop haircut, to her two-piece sets, through the iconic polka dot blouse that Zara is now recovering. The fact is that everything that is currently trending has already been worn by Lady Di and that can only mean one thing: she was a style muse of those who no longer exist. Able to continue dictating fashion even though she is no longer with us, Lady Di had one of the most desired garments in the history of fashion: the mythical sheep sweater .
An absolute icon within Lady Di’s looks, the sheepskin sweater has become an object of desire and nowStradivarius reinvents Lady Di’s mythical sheep sweater so you don’t run out of it this fall (as happened to all of us last fall after other low-cost firms launched their own versions of Diana Princess of Wales’s star garment) .
As has already happened with three versions of the mythical Lady Di sheep sweater that Stradivarius is now reinventing, the new garment is based on the original, but presents variations. The first of these is the price, since the Stradivarius sheep sweater is priced at 25.95 euross, quite inferior to that of the original garment. In addition, the sheep sweater that the princess wore was red and had a black sheep hidden among the rest, a kind of message with which Lady Di showed her disagreement with the world.

Stradivarius’ sheep sweater comes in an adorable light blue color and all of her sheep feature white wool. An absolutely irresistible sweater that you can combine this autumn with a military jacket to give it a Dianesque touch or with an aviator jacket to mix grunge and lady with total mastery.

This is the original sheep sweater that Lady Di wore
In red, with a rounded neck and a fun sheep print (among which a black sheep stood out as a subliminal message from the princess), the sheep sweater was signed by the Warm&Wonderful brand . Automatically after Lady Di wore it, the sweater became an icon and many were the firms that took advantage of the pull to launch their own versions.
Donated in the late 1980s as one of Lady Di’s most iconic garments , the sheep sweater is currently in the Victoria and Albert Museum. But those in love with this sweater are in luck and they will not have to go to the museum to see it, now they will be able to wear it thanks to the fact that the original firm relaunched it last fall.

This is the sheep sweater by Lady Di that reinvents Stradivarius.

Available from size XS to XL, the sheep sweater by Lady Di that now reinvents Stradivarius is priced at 25.99 euros.

Other similar Stradivarius

sweaters As happened last autumn with the reinventions of Lady Di’s mythical sheepskin sweater, everything indicates that the Stradivarius garment will sell out in less than a rooster. For this reason, the firm wanted to launch two similar models so that this season you don’t run out of your princess sweater . Both models are priced at 25.99 euros.

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