Yes, there is still a long time before it gets cold in Siberia (or not, here the cold arrives in the blink of an eye), but after having seen the fantasy coat to invest in, we now need the time of the jacket to arrive , high boots and the pants of the season in a warm version. We need the cold to arrive because our most elegant looks cry out for a coat and more so after having the Stradivarius cloth coat, which is, without a doubt, the most sophisticated of winter .
It is worth that a coat has quite easy to be a sophisticated garment. For the simple fact of being a coat, it is already a sophisticated garment, especially if it is in one of the three basic winter colors (black, camel and grey). But, in the case of the Stradivarius cloth coat , the garment has that je ne sais quoi so irresistible that we love it, even if we don’t know how to explain the reasons.
As soon as we saw the Stradivarius cloth coat it gave us a heartbeat and we felt that it would be the most sophisticated garment of the winter, without exaggerating. As on other occasions, we were looking for a basic garment for day to day and it was to enter the Stradivarius website and jump in the eyes. The cloth coat was the first, as if from Stradivarius they knew the full potential of the garment and they wanted us to feellove at first sight . As it has been.
In camel and slightly oversize, the Stradivarius cloth coat comes in camel, our favorite for a sophisticated coat, but for everyday wear. It has a double button, but it can be placed crosswise thanks to the belt it has.
This is how we like it best, in a crossed version and with slightly raised neck flaps . It is the final touch that the garment needs and what confirms that the Stradivarius cloth coat is the most sophisticated you will see this winter (true truth). With a black knit dress and cowboy bootsYou will have the most rollazo look of winter. Surely now you understand why we want winter to come.

This is the most sophisticated Stradivarius cloth coat you are going to see this winter

. It is a long cloth coat with long fallen sleeves. The garment has front pockets with piping and a crossover front closure with buttons and a belt. A super elegant and sophisticated design and with which we have already imagined wearing the best winter looks. In addition, we like the fact that the Stradivarius cloth coat is in camel color even more because it becomes a super versatile garment for our day to day .
Available from size XS to XL, the most sophisticated Stradivarius cloth coat you’re going to see this winter is priced at 69.99 euros.

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