We can consider that having jeans
in the closet that feel like a glove is one of the greatest satisfactions in life. Eternal basic where they exist, jeans are that wild card that we always resort to when we don’t know what to wear and we want to get it right. For this reason, having among our clothes that pair of jeans that make us feel scared is an incentive when it comes to getting dressed. For many lucky jeans, this type of pants is a very precious commodity and, on many occasions, it has cost us a lot of work to find.

Jeans are always trending, although each season they reinvent themselves to adapt to feminine fashions and needs. This year we are seeing the return of ripped jeans to our lives and we are aware that denim is the best option when it comes to embracing the color pink as the trend of spring, but that does not help us find those jeans with the that we feel super favored and that is key now that spring is here. The change of season brings with it the presence of one of the most successful style combinations and we have to be prepared. The prettiest shirts of spring always work well with good jeans and it’s time to find the best looking ones in the world .
There are more and more types of jeans and it is increasingly difficult for us to find ones that fit us all, especially because we do not have the same body or the same height. Wide leg, mom jeans, flare, cropped, baggy… A thousand and one options of jeans and none of them finish giving us the result we expect. At least so far.
With an asymmetrical waist and a straight cut, the Stradivarius jeans that have just arrived in their new collection are the best-fitting jeans in the world and it doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short. Regardless of their cut (straight helps too), the shape of your waistband is the real key to making these Stradivarius jeans the best fit no matter what your shape is.
It’s over looking for jeans based on our height or our curves, Stradivarius jeans with asymmetrical waist have come to become those precious pants that we always turn to when we want to look great without giving up the basics.

The asymmetrical waist, the key to Stradivarius jeans

When it comes to finding jeans that fit us well, we usually pay a lot of attention to the type of cut . We know that the higher the shot, the more stylized we will be, that legs that are too wide make us shorter and that wide legs are the ones that achieve the effect of infinite legs , but are there any jeans that fit us all no matter what
how is our body
The answer is yes and the proof is the Stradivarius asymmetrical waist jeans .

With a high waist and straight cut (both features are already a plus when it comes to being very flattering), the key to these jeans is their asymmetrical waist. With the sides higher, the closure of the pants descends from the line of the hips to achieve a super flattering and stylizing effect that looks good on both tall and shorter women. By presenting this asymmetry in the waistband, jeans manage to stylize any figure and enhance the characteristics that each woman wants to enhance based on her body.
In the case of short women, this waistband helps to lengthen the legsand that the straight cut of the jeans does not make them even shorter. In short, this little trick , which at first seemed to be something merely aesthetic, becomes the real key to making these jeans the ones that feel the best. Available from size 32 to 44 , these Stradivarius jeans are priced at 25.99 euros.

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