Keeping the kitchen organized at all times, especially if we have very little space, can be a real challenge, so it is necessary to have the right storage products .
Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the amount of kitchenware , appliances, products and basic accessories does not change. Also, if we have a large family or hobbies such as pastry or baking, the kitchen can be a particularly chaotic place.
Finding the ideal accessories to keep the kitchen in order is not as easy as it seems. Some may seem attractive and practical at first, but they do not have to be suitable for the needs of our kitchen.
First, we have to ask ourselves what are the main problems and needs of our space and, later, analyze what is most disordered and what are the main sources of chaos and disorganization .
Having storage problems for food or in the refrigerator is not the same as having little space for glasses or cups or not having places to properly organize pots or pans.
These ten storage products are designed to solve the most common problems of disorganization in kitchens. From vegetable drawers on wheels to organizers for bottles and cans, throughstorage shelves under the sink and hangersfor cups and other utensils, these practical and affordable solutions will remedy problems not only in your kitchen, but also in your bathroom, garage or utility room.

Ten products for kitchen

storage Under sink storage

This shelf for storing kitchenware under the sink is ideal for use in a small kitchen and helps make optimal use of space. It is very convenient to store and keep kitchen accessories organized, and can also be used to organize various products such as bottles, snacks, kitchen utensils or even cutlery. In addition, it can be placed both under the sink and inside the kitchen cabinet or even used as a shoe rack. You can get it at a price of €19.99.
*Price: €19.99
*Price may vary


organizer These furniture organizers are very useful for storing and tidying pans and pot lids. Avoid chaos in your kitchen cabinets and keep your most used kitchenware close at hand and in order. These metal shelves take up little space and will allow you to store 5 pans or lids up to 28 cm while looking great and beautiful on your countertop. You will find them for €14.99.
*Price: €14.99
*Price may vary

Crisper for vegetables

This trolley with basketsseparable is perfect to adjust it according to the needs of each kitchen and, thanks to the wheels, it will be very useful to place it in any corner of the kitchen. Keep your vegetables tidy, fresh and always at hand for €29.37.
*Price: €29.37
*Price may vary

Cup hanger

Don’t you have a special space in your kitchen where you can organize your clean cups and keep them close at hand for each breakfast

With this cup hanger you can place them perfectly organized and visible on the shelf of the kitchen cabinet you prefer while saving space. It is easy to install and you can buy it for €11.42.
*Price: €11.42
*Price may vary

Storage for cans
With these practical fridge organizers you can store as many drink cans or containers as you need without taking up much space in the fridge. Keep your soft drinks fresh and well organized on doors, shelves and drawers and forget about accidents and spills. You can find them for €16.99.
*Price: €16.99
*Price may vary

These hanging kitchen shelves are the most practical solution for organizing any type of accessory, putting your furniture in order and taking advantage of the space in the doors. They are perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom. With little investment, even if you have a small space, you can achieve a big change in the environment. Its price is €15.99.
*Price: €15.99
*Price may vary Cutlery organizer

cutleryorganizers for drawers have 4 flexible compartments and can be expanded to a width of 57.15 cm, thus offering enough space for even those most difficult to organize utensils and integrate. These cutlery trays for kitchen drawers are made of robust BPA-free plastic and promise a very long shelf life. In addition, they have non-slip feet to prevent slipping when opening the drawer, keeping everything organized and in place for any occasion. Its price is €19.99.
*Price: €19.99
*Price may vary Stackable shelf
With this set of two stackable shelves

You can organize the kitchen cabinets or take advantage of the empty space on the countertop. They can be stacked or placed next to each other, leaving the space below free to place more things. They are also a very good option to use as a drainer for larger and bulkier utensils. Get it for €22.28.
*Price: €22.28
*Price may vary

Organizer hanger

There is nothing more efficient to optimize your kitchen cupboard (or those in your garage, office or laundry room) than this multifunctional support to organize your hanging utensils on the wall. It is the sea of ​​practice and you will want to place one in each of the rooms of your home. You will find it for €9.99.
*Price: €9.99
*Price may vary

Sink organizer

With a basket to store sponges, a brush organizer and a zone divider for soap, scouring pad and dishwashing liquid, this sink organizer is apt to provide that corner of the kitchen with the best organization and space. enough to take advantage of any small gap while keeping all your cleaning accessories organized. Its price is €22.99.
*Price: €22.99
*Price may vary

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