Summer is coming and it is impossible not to relate this time of year with the heat, the good weather and bathing in beaches and swimming pools. Who else who least is already planning their vacations and in those location plans the provision of a good swimming pool occupies a privileged place. Do you still not have yours

Both specialized stores and large surfaces and supermarkets expand their offer during these weeks looking for the purchase by of an increasingly demanding user. These are the options presented at Aldi for this summer

Summer Waves

family pool The Summer Waves family pool is Aldi’s star proposal for this summer. Easy to assemble and with a steel structurewhich makes it a resistant and durable installation, it has three layers of material with a diameter of 3.66 meters and a height of 84 cm.
The pool, which can be purchased at the price of 119 euros, includes a 12V SkimmerPlus filter pump, Type D filter cartridge, floating chlorine dispenser, thermometer, a protective tarpaulin and two self-adhesive repair patches to be able to repair it in the event of suffering some kind of mishap in the form of an unexpected puncture.

Jumbo Pool

The Jumbo pool is Aldi’s second featured offering in its pool catalogue. You can get it in two colors, blue and green , and different shapes: rectangular, hexagonal…It is ideal for spending a pleasant family day, playing and cooling off with your children, since it has a volume of around 400 liters of water, quite acceptable for 4-6 people to enjoy the bath. A highly recommended price of 19.99 euros

Pool with sprayer

Finally, those who decide to bet on Aldi’s pools can find this pool with sprayer in its catalog that delights the little ones in the house.
This format is designed so that babies-children up to 5 years old can take their first baths in a fun environment, inside the body of a unicorn or a whale ., which are the two available formats. The maximum weight that the pool allows is 50 kilos and its price is 14.99 euros.

Accessories for your time in the pool

Pools are a perfect plan for those who cannot go to the beach and want to have a dip to escape the heat.
In addition to the different pool formats that we have presented to you, Aldi offers different accessories to complete a day with friends or family: multifunction tablets for the pool to rest in your garden by the pool, action camera to immortalize your best moments, a snorkel mask to explore the depth of your family pool, a children’s swingto be able to swing while you dry off from the bathroom, and a multitude of outdoor games , such as children’s balls, frisbee, beach shovels, cards… and water games , diving, fishing and water balloons.

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