Valerie Perrin’s latest work “Tre” remains stable in first place, followed on the podium by the previous novel “Changing water to flowers”. In third place in the ranking of the best-selling books of the week according to La Lettura we find “The winter of the Lions” by Stefania Auci. Here are the ten positions. 1. Valerie Perrin – Three
Still first in the standings is the novelty of Valerie Perrin. 1986. Adrien, Etienne and Nina meet in the fifth grade. Very quickly they become inseparable and united by a promise: to leave the province in which they live, move to Paris and never separate. 2017. A car is rescued from the bottom of a lake in the small town where they grew up. The case is followed by Virginie, a journalist with an enigmatic past. Little by little, Virginie reveals the extraordinary bonds that unite those three childhood friends. What became of them
What is the relationship between the car wreck and their story of friendship
Valerie Perrin returns with a new novel. 2. Valerie Perrin – Changing the water to the flowers
Valerie Perrin remains in the standings with “Changing the water to flowers”. Violette Toussaint and guardian of a cemetery in a Burgundian town. Behind a sloppy appearance, she hides a great personality and a story full of mysteries. During visits to their loved ones, many people come to visit this beautiful woman in her house, sunny, with a big heart, who always has a kind word for everyone, and always ready to offer a hot coffee or a cordial. One day a policeman arrived from Marseille comes up with a strange request: her mother, who recently passed away, expressed her desire to be buried in that distant village in the tomb of an unknown local gentleman. 3. Stefania Auci – The winter of the Lions
In third place on the podium of the best-selling books the novelty by Stefania Auci. They won, the Florio, the Lions of Sicily. Far are the times of the miserable putia in the center of Palermo, of the sacks of spices, of Paolo and Ignazio, who arrived there to escape misery, rich only in determination. Now they have palaces and factories, ships and traps, silks and jewels. Now the whole city admires them, honors them and fears them. And the young Ignatius does not fear anyone. The destiny of Casa Florio has been his destiny since birth, it runs through his veins, pushes him to go beyond Sicily, towards Rome and the intrigues of politics, towards Europe and his courts. 4. Madeline Miller – Achilles’ song
Forget Troy, the war scenarios, the duels, the blood, the death. Forget the violence and the massacres, the cruelty and the horror. And instead, follow the path of two young people, first friends, then lovers and finally also comrades in arms – two young people splendid for youth and beauty, destined to end their life on the Trojan plain and to remain united forever with the ashes mixed in one single, most precious urn. Madeline Miller, scholar and teacher of classical antiquities, recalls the love and death story of Achilles and Patroclus, bending the solemn rhythm of the epic to the reconstruction of a story that has left few but unmistakable traces. “Tre” by Valerie Perrin remains first in the ranking of the 10 best-selling books
The novelty of Valerie Perrin, “Tre”, remains at the top of the ranking of the ten best-selling books of the week followed by “Two lives” and “The winter of the Lions” 5. Emanuele Trevi – Two lives
«The only important thing in this type of written portraits is to look for the right distance, which is the style of uniqueness». Thus writes Emanuele Trevi in ​​a passage from this book which presents itself as the story of two lives, that of Rocco Carbone and Pia Pera, writers who died prematurely some time ago and linked, during their short existence, by deep friendship. Trevi outlines their different natures: Rocco Carbone’s prone to inflict blows for the Furies who hunted him relentlessly; Pia Pera’s is inclined to receive them, because of her prehensile and sensitive soul, so prone to illusions. He redraws the features: the angular physiognomy, the marked features of the first and the appearance of an enchanting English lady of the second. 6. Stefania Auci – The Lions of Sicily
There was a family that challenged the world. A family that has conquered everything. A family that has become a legend. This is his story. From the moment they landed in Palermo from Bagnara Calabra, in 1799, the Florio family looked forward, restless and ambitious, determined to reach the top of all. To be the richest, the most powerful. And they succeed: in a short time, the brothers Paolo and Ignazio make their spice shop the best in the city, then start the sulfur trade, buy houses and land from the penniless Palermitan nobles, create their own shipping company … 7. Madeline Miller – Circe
Circe is daughter of Elios, god of the sun, and of the nymph Perseid, but she is very different from her divine parents and brothers: she has a dark appearance, a difficult character, an independent temperament; she and she even sensitive to the pain of the world and she prefers the company of mortals to that of the gods. When she, because of these her eccentricities, she ends up exiled on the island of Eea, she does not lose heart, studies the virtues of plants, learns to tame wild beasts, hones the magical arts. But Circe is above all a woman of passions: love, friendship, rivalry, fear, anger, nostalgia accompany the encounters that destiny reserves for her. 8. Nicholas Sparks – When a wish comes true
Maggie always hid her story. Those who know her now know nothing of her greatest love. She was sixteen, she was far from her family and she was expecting a child that she would give up for adoption: it was then that she met Bryce. He was a little older than her, he didn’t judge her for that big belly he was trying to hide from her, and I teach her everything about what would also become Maggie’s passion: photography. Their first kiss was perfect. Their love was unique, one of those that only happen once in a lifetime. Now, twenty years later, Maggie is an established travel photographer. 9. Antonio Manzini – Old acquaintances
Rocco Schiavone investigates the murder of a retired teacher. Meanwhile, the shadow of the past becomes pressing: the punishment for Sebastiano, the brotherly friend who has never stopped chasing Enzo Baiocchi, who murdered his wife, makes him restless and steals his sleep. Antonio Manzini continues his novel about the surly, melancholy, rough and full of contradictions assistant commissioner that readers now know and appreciate; he does it with a capacity for invention and with a passion for the character, for all the characters, which we can hardly find in other writers today. 10. Valerie Perrin – The notebook of lost love
Justine’s life is a book whose pages are the same as each other. Marked by the death of her parents, she has chosen to live in Milly – a village of five hundred souls in the heart of France – and take refuge in a secure job as an assistant in a retirement home. And it is right there, at the Hydrangeas, that Justine meets Helene. Having reached the final chapter of an existence faced with passion and courage, Helene tells Justine the story of her great love, a love broken by the fury of war and nourished by the power of hope.

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