Louis Ducruet , the eldest son of Stephanie of Monaco, born from the relationship between the princess and Daniel Ducruet, at the time his bodyguard became a man and has a wife beside him who seems to love him very much.
This at least what transpires from the Instagram profiles of the two, well stocked with romantic photos of the couple, in which a new photo has appeared a few hours ago, portraying Louis Ducruet and his wife Marie Chevallier hugging in the snow with their dog . The dedication and the special ones: “When we have each other, we have everything” it says. “When we have each other, we have everything.”
There are numerous shots published on Instagram and shared by Marie over the years, who on the social network just mentioned has taken the surname of her husband, and which see her and Louis happy and often in the company of Pancake , the dog that Stephanie’s son of Monaco and his wife have adopted and from whom they never separate. Louis, the son of the bodyguard who has no noble titles
Louis Ducruet and born from the relationship between Stephanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet: a relationship that caused much discussion because at the time he was the bodyguard of the Princess. The grandson of Rainier III , however, has no noble titles, despite being fifteenth in the line of succession to the throne of the Principality of Monaco.. The young man has been working with his father Daniel since 2016 as co-director of the Monadeco company, as well as holding a managerial role in Monaco Calcio.
After living with his mother and sisters between France and Zurich , he moved to the United States to study. He currently lives in the Principality of Monaco where, after a romantic marriage proposal on a beach in Vietnam , the girl’s country of origin, he married his historical girlfriend Marie Chevallier. Louis and the secret of his origins withheld from his wife
Louis Ducret and Marie Chevallier met five years ago while attending Western Carolina University in North Carolina, where she studied marketing and he studied sports management. The two met for the first time in a Cannes nightclub and it was immediately love so much that the young man decided to omit, at least initially, what would become his future bride, his real origins. A detail that the young man revealed years later to the Gazzetta di Monaco.
The son of Stephanie of Monaco confessed to having made this choice at the beginning of the relationship with Marie , the same age as her, worried that her ties with the royal house could somehow negatively affect the relationship with his girlfriend and of having said thetruth to the young woman only after a while they dated. The wedding in the same church where Grace Kelly got married
Louis and Marie got married in the summer of 2019 in the Cathedral of Monaco , the same church that, in 1956, saw Prince Rainier III and the beautiful Grace Kelly. Several years have passed since the wedding and the couple today seems to be more in love than ever.
Louis Ducruet, the post of his wife Marie on Instagram

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