Some enjoy posting photos on social media completely removed, others are paparazzi. But almost all of them are unrecognizable without the greasepaint layer . Try to guess who they are.
In the photo you can see a blonde woman with her hair pulled back in the best possible way. She is on the terrace of the Hotel Du Cap Eden in Antibes (the Cannes Film Festival is underway) and in the company of friends she drinks champagne. The second, also not very recognizable, is the super top Kate Moss. Let’s go on: beloved actress, her fame has endured over time and even today she has myriads of fans all over the world. She is beautiful and refined, in this image without makeup and with hair without styling and really unrecognizable. This is Gwyneth Paltrow. She is the new icon of Italian style, but on social media she is sulky and completely without makeup . You recognized
it. It is the well-known presenter Caterina Balivo who immortalized herself at the end of the holidays.
Unkempt hair, pajamas , slippers on the feet and above all the total absence of make- up, which reveals deep wrinkles, double chin, relaxed neck skin , make a famous singer unrecognizable ( the power of make-up is enormous, just see how it transforms the models ). , most famous for being the widow of Kurt Cobain . Yes, this frightened woman wandering around the lobby of a luxury hotel in Miamiin deshabille and Courtney Love . She who knows what happened to her when she left her room without having time to dress, make up and comb her hair. The assistant who accompanies her now seems resigned to the unpredictable whims of the star . It is not the first time that she has published selfies of her
on social networks that portray her without makeup , perhaps as soon as she wakes up with the bags under her eyes clearly visible. This time, however, the shot is particularly grotesque . She will be the expression, she will be the tiredness but the image is truly merciless. Someone, commenting on it, has even compared this well-known TV presenter to Michael Jackson. Did you understand who she is
. We’ll give you a little help… Like Simona Ventura , recently she too has reduced her breasts by two sizes and lost 15 kilos . You recognized her now .
It’s Paola Perego .Marica Pellegrinelli is always beautiful. She shows it in a photo in which she shows herself with perfect makeup, probably for a photo shoot. But even without makeup , as in the selfie she took after the evening shower, she always remains beautiful , with her fresh features. And he writes: “#goodnight ..but the moment after the shower when you would like, for some divine will, to find yourself dried up,” blow dry “and” creamed “under the covers instead of nothing: #limbo”.
Half-closed eyelids, a sketchy smile, shiny skin and not even a trace of makeup . You have recognized it
is Barbara D’Urso, a splendid 50-year-old, who as soon as she wakes up gives a good morning to her followers.No makeup day! #realface #trueselfie #iwokeuplikethis … With this comment a mysterious and beloved star posted one of her pictures of her without makeup on her Instagram profile. Did you understand who
the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez is … False eyelashes , black eye liner, dark shaded eyeshadow, illuminating , glossy blushes ranging from red to pink… That’s how we are used to seeing Kim Kardashian . After the pharaonic marriage with Kanye West , the socialite decided to show her natural face on her social networks.Or almost, since he just can’t do without the rimmel. Kim poses with best friend Blac Chyna as she goes to the gym without makeup and hair. And the result is not bad. Kardashian , 34, does not disappoint and reveals that she has no imperfections to hide under the pounds of ear wax.
Under her eyes a slight swelling, obvious dark circles , some skin imperfections and first wrinkles : Eva Herzigova (who attended the 2014 edition of the Cannes Film Festival ) in a selfie without makeupshows signs of age (41 years). Yet her charm is not affected, on the contrary her sex appeal increases because the Czech supermodel finally appears human , like all of us.
She is the wife of an Italian politician who has her own turn and was Vice President of the Council, Minister and Mayor of Rome. She is a journalist and presenter. We give you one last very precious insight: you have taken the place of Rita Dalla Chiesa. Exactly, and Barbara Palombelli, who in the images in the gallery you can see without makeup or hair.
Let’s move on to another unrecognizable one. She was a sex symbol in the 80s and 90s . She caused a scandal with the film 9 1/2 Weeks , where she starred in fiery scenes alongside a beautiful young Mickey Rourke. Now, at the age of 60 , she happily shows herself to be without makeup and, despite her being almost unrecognizable, she is still a beautiful woman . Obviously, we are talking about Kim Basinger . Paola Perego can’t resist the selfie as soon as she gets up: “…. I know … It takes courage … Selfie in the early morning … but just start with a smile”. The presenter gives her followers a special self -portrait : disheveled hair, no makeup and bags under her eyes. You will need to follow some tips to get rid of that swelling.
We are used to always seeing it flawless and splendid. Let’s talk about the desperate housewife Eva Longoria, which in the photos we can see in a soap and water version: she looks like a little girl. Belen Rodriguez (here are her most beautiful shots of her) surprised us, they post a photo of her on Instagram and Facebook where she appears without make-up. Her eyes appear a little marked , but for this very reason Belen is more human and closer to us ordinary women.
You can’t always be perfect, even if you are part of the golden world of entertainment. So it happens that more and more often they are immortalized without make- up , in soap and water version. Stars without makeup often appear unrecognizable, we are so used to seeing them “fixed”. But sometimes we find that, photographed on the street dressed like ordinary women and with natural skin, they almost look more beautiful. Among these is the beautiful girlfriend of the Ballon d’Or Cristiano Ronaldo , Irina Shayk . There is another super top: Milla Jovovich, identical to her mother Galina Jovovich .
The list continues with Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, Brooke Shiends. Browse the gallery to see all the stars without makeup.

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