A large star or many small stars to form a constellation: tattoos with stars are loved by both celebrities and ordinary people . The star has many meanings and those who choose to always carry one with them recognize its great symbolic value.
The creativity of the tattoo artist can then vary the different types of design. Let’s see which are the most common star tattoos and what they mean. Tattoo with the stars: the most common
Very popular is the design that sees three stars , both the same and of different sizes, usually placed on the ankle, foot, shoulder or pelvis, but nothing prevents the three stars from being tattooed elsewhere on the body. The peculiarity of tattoos with stars is precisely that of being suitable for covering or embellishing any anatomical part. Lovers of the most extreme tattoos even go so far as to tattoo stars on the face as well .
Three Star Tattoo Idea – Source: Shutterstock
Men usually prefer to tattoo one or more five-pointed stars , hollow and colored externally, and the most common place they place this tattoo is on the shoulder or chest .
Tattoos with many small stars that form a constellation are loved, however, especially by women.A design reminiscent of a trail , which envelops and caresses more or less large parts of the body. Usually, you choose to have this type of tattoo start from the neck and drop it from the shoulder along the arm or towards the shoulder blade. Tattoos with stars and other symbols Star
tattoos are often done by combining the stars with other symbols. The most popular and suitable are all those that recall astronomical motifs , definitely compatible with the stars. Moon, planets or drawings of constellations and other stars represent the strength of the universe and have a value that can also be interpreted as a metaphor for the family.
In addition to symbols related to astronomy, the stars are often also represented together with flowers, butterflies, musical notes : there is no limit to creativity and imagination. There are also combinations of stars with writings , more or less linked to each other. The association between a star and a name or one or more initials is also very common. Other tattoos with stars
Among the other types of tattoos with stars, we also find the six-pointed star , linked to Judaism but also among the most famous esoteric symbols. The meaning of this sign is that of union and harmony between the microcosm and the macrocosm. A variation of the six-pointed star and the flower star, called the “star of fortune”, a sign of prosperity and luck.
Everyone who loves tattoos has at least one tiny star tattoo in one or more places on the body. Perfect to be tattooed behind the ear, on the toes, ankle or the outside of the foot , the microscopic stars can also form a kind of bracelet around the wrist or ankle. Many girls love to decorate the instep with one or more stars , empty or full, visible especially when wearing sandals or decollete, with a very sexy result.
Ideas for a small star tattoo – Source: Shutterstock
Usually depicted in black and white, the stars can also be colored. A very nice tattoo can be made by drawing many stars, of different colors and sizes, which, starting from the shoulders, cover part of the back and arm. A small star of your favorite color can adorn a foot or a collarbone, for a lively but at the same time discreet and elegant result. Couple tattoos with stars are also very popular : one or more stars drawn on the wrist, ankle or calf, often in a mirror image, to seal a love or friendship. Tattoo with stars: VIP favorites
There are many celebrities who have chosen to decorate their bodies with a tattoo with stars. Among these, a true trendsetter: Rihanna. The popular singer and actress opted for a cascade of stars that starts from her neck and goes up to her back. Gisele Bundchen instead chose a small star tattooed on her wrist, the same position also chosen by Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne, among others. Kate Moss instead has a very small star tattooed on the back of her right ankle. Among the other celebrities who have decided to tattoo one or more stars on their body, Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson.

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