If you notice that spots appear on the face and you are not sure of their origin, it is important that you assess them properly, since they may be announcing a malfunction of the liver . Our objective is to know the most common types of liver spots on the face, in addition to giving a series of tips with which we intend to help you eliminate them and, ultimately, improve your health.

Types of spots on the face due to liver malfunction
It is evident that not all the spots on the face are going to indicate that there is some type of health problem, being easier in these cases to end them through health guides on how to remove white spots on the face, but we must also Keep in mind that these things should not be ignored, so we are going to start by analyzing the different types of spots that can indicate that there is abnormal functioning in the liver.

Angioma : this is a spot that appears very frequently in the event that there are liver function problems, especially if it is liver cirrhosis .. Its appearance is red, and is produced by the effect of accumulation in the capillaries found in the outermost layer of the skin.

Hemochromatosis : due to the accumulation of iron in the liver, the skin of the face becomes darker. This usually happens when we have undergone many blood transfusions and especially in cases of alcoholism .

Jaundice : in this case what happens is that a generalized spot appears that turns the skin to a yellowish color. It usually appears when there is liver cirrhosis, fatty liver or hepatitis , and the reason is due to increased levels of bilirubin in the blood.

Tips to get rid of these stains
Now that we know the different types of spots that can be caused by liver function problems and the reasons for their development, it is time to analyze the possible solutions.
From a general perspective, we must bear in mind that the objective is going to be to improve our health, combating what is causing a malfunction in the liver.
It is evident that if it is a disease that we have already developed, the solution is to act on it, for which it is essential that we do so through our trusted doctor.
However, there are some guidelines that will help us reduce the negative effect on the liver, while this will help us to minimize or even eliminate blemishes on the face:

Alcohol: alcohol is one of the worst enemies of the liver , so if we observe that the types of stains described above appear, it is better that we reduce it or, if possible, completely eliminate its consumption.

Food : a balanced diet is essential to maintain a healthy liver . We must reduce the intake of saturated fats present in sausages, fried and precooked, choosing to increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits and foods rich in minerals and fiber.

Hydration : it is very important that we are always well hydrated.

Care : although the types of stains that we have described are frequent due to liver problems, there are occasions in which they can be produced, for example, by excessive exposure to the sun. For that reason, we must use quality sunscreen creams as well as properly wash and moisturize our face on a daily basis.
Now you can learn more about the different types of spots on the face that are caused by a malfunction of the liver, as well as take into account the different recommendations through which we will be able to get rid of them but attacking the root problem, and is that we must not forget that health is the most important thing, so we must pay attention to these warnings that our body gives.

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