The second part of the documentary by Rocio Carrasco will begin broadcasting shortly on Telecinco, but not in the way that was expected. The legal problems of Rocio Carrasco have paralyzed the filming of the docuseries En el nombre de Rocio, of which only one chapter has been recorded so far. However, Telecinco and Rocio Jurado’s daughter have placed high hopes in this documentary and they were not going to allow Jose Ortega Cano, Gloria Camila and the Mohedano to delay its premiere, which could cool the phenomenon.
A few days ago the Salvame program broadcast a preview of what will happen live this Tuesday. Rocio Carrasco returns to television and does it in style: to talk about her mother’s inheritance,matter that has never come to light. He will do it in a special titled The last trip of Rocio. With this step, the daughter of La Mas Grande hits the table and reveals herself against her sister Gloria Camila, who has tried to silence her with a lawsuit requesting several notebooks written by her mother that could hide dark family secrets. .
Trailer for ‘Rocio’s Last Voyage’.

18 containers and more than 30 tons of documents and personal belongings of Rocio Jurado will see the light live in a special program that will be broadcast during the Salvame schedule. Several trucks will take them to the set where the second part of the documentary En el nombre de Rocio will be recorded.
On April 14, 2008, all of Rocio Jurado’s belongings, which remained in her house in La Moraleja, were stored in those containers that are now going to be opened for the knowledge of all the singer’s followers.
The chain wanted to know the opinion of the rest of the family and in It’s already eight the journalist Beatriz Cortazar spoke with Jose Ortega Cano.The one who was the artist’s husband has confessed that he has “no idea what’s in those containers.I left the house in La Moraleja, I took a van from my crew, with both hands I went to my closet, I took the clothes with my hands, my two children and I went to Yerbabuena. I have no idea, I left with what I was wearing ”.
Carlota Corredera already said it last week: “After the long weekend in December, new data will be known about the documentary series by Rocio Carrasco.” Of course, what will be broadcast tomorrow has nothing to do with the documentary, but with Rocio Jurado’s belongings and with his will.
In Salvame it has also been commented that Rocio Carrasco does not know “precisely” what is inside the containers, but Rosa Benito, her aunt, does not quite believe it: ” The heiress, who is my niece, has to know what is there.Dismantle a house like La Moraleja, where there are 40 years of history… I think she has to know what she had, she can’t say that she didn’t know, “he said. The collaborator, yes, reiterates her belief that “there is no compromised document”,because Rocio “loved her family above all else. He was happy having his family all together, always,” he said before launching a petition: “The only thing I want is for Rocio Jurado’s name to be cleared, because it is the only thing he has done in his life, not mess with anyone and not judge anyone or anything, he has only fought for his career and has left a wonderful legacy.
If Rocio Jurado took a backseat in the broadcast of the documentary about her daughter, starting this Tuesday his name will gain strength again with the discoveries made in the special reference.

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