In Spain we understand beer and a lot. Not only because some of the most internationally recognized are made, but because “beer time” is sacred. “Let’s go have a beer”, accompanied by a huge smile on our face, resonates with us as the best invitation they can give us. And it is that few countries enjoy that moment as linked to our idiosyncrasy as ours.
Starting from that base of brewing experts, it is not surprising that our beers are valued inside and outside our borders . So much so that the prestigious British contest World Beer Challenge already has a winner and has her accent. It is actually about therange of 1906 beers , manufactured by the Galician company Hijos de Rivera, who are also responsible for the manufacture of the popular Estrella Galicia .

Award- winning family

The 1906 Reserva Especial , the 1906 Red Vintage and the black Lager 1906 Black Coupage have become the best beers in the world with the highest possible score .
To get there, different parameters of flavor and quality have been followed through which experts from the sector from all countries have been in charge of choosing the best international beers. On this occasion, 355 drinks have been classified, although only56 have been awarded . However, none of them has obtained a better recognition than the Galician brand.

Other contests

On the other hand, the 1906 is already more than used to being awarded, as the range has also been awarded on other occasions in events such as the European Beer Star , Craft Beer Awards and the World Beer Awards .
Likewise, last year, the Spanish beer Ambar won up to 11 awards . These are Ambar Export, Ambar Especial, Ambar Negra, Ambar Mari Castana and Ambar Imperial Citrus, which were also recognized as the best beers at the 2019 World Beer Awards .

The Brewery Awards has been held for a decade now and, in addition to having been advised by prestigious brewmasters, it has very strict parameters, which makes this event the most credible at an international level .
Specifically, the winners -1906 Reserva Especial, 1906 Red Vintage and 1906 Black Coupage- have won in the German-style Maerzen, German-style Bock or Maibock and European-style Black categories , respectively.
In addition, those on the podium are accompanied by another 13 Spanish beers awarded gold -San Miguel, Grupo Agora and Mahou- , out of a total of 20 that have achieved this medal in the 2020 contest.Spain becomes the country with the highest score with a total of 2,180 points , even ahead of Germany and Belgium.

The complete list of the best beers

You can consult all the award-winning beers in this international contest in the previous link.

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