Surely he will not do it, his arrogance prevents him, at least for what he has expressed so far in all his appearances, but Luis Enrique has plenty of reasons to stand in front of a mirror and take a very careful scolding . His Spanish team, the one he has chosen and has molded to the point of bragging about it to infinity, is the spitting image of mediocrity . A draw against Sweden and another against Poland, two teams that at the moment are very far from the elite of this sport in Europe, at their start in the European Championship. Another thing would be in the times of Brolin or Lato, Deyna or Galocha and then Boniek, but we are in 2021 and those who play play .
It is clear that in Spain they no longer do Iniesta, Xavi, Villa, not even Sergio Ramos , who must be very physically annoyed to justify that they had to sign Laporte to leave him out of the chosen ones . But even with these absences, the level between the team that wears red and blue shorts with these Poles in their usual white and red clothing does not come close. Spanish football, including emigrants from both countries, is infinitely superior to Polish football, something that was not reflected at all on the dry grass of the Estadio de la Cartuja.
It is possible to assume before hearing his explanations that it would bethe only excuse that Luis Enrique can use to explain that his team will add their second consecutive draw at home , do not forget this aspect that also has its importance. Spain was not even able to take advantage of all the circumstances being put in their favor. One to zero at 25 minutes in an unexpected situation and with the VAR of, let’s say, good people. Marco Morata , yes, and that was also news, although seeing his shots in other phases of the match, because the doubt has not dissipated at all about his level.
No more drawing Lewandowski against the ‘juvenile’ Laporte, Spain had the collaboration of the VAR to do justice with a penalty; I didn’t take advantage
of it. Even after Lewandowski won the space overLaporte , as an expert player does with a youth player, Spain once again had the collaboration of video arbitration to get ahead again. Orsato’s assistant told him that Moder had stepped on Gerard Moreno inside the area to do justice from eleven meters. The selection could correct the defensive error of the equalizer by way of urgency, but it did not even achieve it.

Gerard Moreno crashed the shot into the right post and in rejection the ball went towards Morata with Szczesny on the ground . The attack by the striker from Madrid was inappropriate for a center forward of a high-level team and I apologize immediately for offending the nine from Spain in this way.
In short, if in the television broadcast it was commented that he had made a “great match” when he was substituted in the death rattle after not having been able to finish off any with the exception of his anticipation in that center-shot by Gerard Moreno… But it is convenient to quickly turn the page on the figure of Morata to focus on the mess that was the selection of Luis Enrique .
Spain, as if everything had been perfect against Sweden, hardly changed at all since the preparation of the initial team by Luis Enrique and his coaching staff. The only variation was the entry of Gerard Moreno in the position of Ferran Torres.The rest was exactly the same as in the debut, with one exception, Poland did not come out as willing to submit as Sweden. Even the first warning belonged to them with a high shot from Klich with some bad intention.
Morata hit the second one he had, but later he was again denied in the rest of his shots, although the same and it was perfect
It was the first proposal so that later it would be seen that the Poles did not have much level to fight against Spain for possession and the domain. With Rodri pushing the team up he was able to move around Szczesny , although the production before the goal was limited to a low shot by Dani Olmo and an attempt to bite the ball by Morata when he had his first clear goal option. .
Fortunately, the center forward hit the second and that should lead to better times. Not at all, a direct foul by Gerard Moreno and the first warnings from Poland, especially in a gift from Jordi Alba that Swiderski crashed into the post so that Unai Simon later saved against Lewandowski .
The Polish striker did not hit that time, but he was not going to waste Laporte’s softness in the second one he had. Spain was supposed to row against the tide again and was able to stop doing so very soon, but Gerard Moreno hit the penalty post before Morata hit the rebound horribly, and apologies for saying so.
From there Spain was a I want and I can’t, a feeling of absolute impotence, with the five changes of Luis Enrique so that absolutely nothing changed along the way. A shot made in Morata, another ball that the center forward failed to finish off in a good cross and, finally, the farewell, not knowing how to take advantage of a drop shot by Sarabia with his chest . He did all of that, badly, Morata, although not even he is to blame, which is not a question of being anathematized. But Luis Enrique does have many reasons to laugh, as he usually does at press conferences, although it is better that he laugh at himself . Same and right, although again sorry for suggesting such self-criticism.

Technical sheet

1 – Spain:Unai Simon; Marcos Llorente, Laporte, Pau Torres, Jordi Alba; Rodri, Koke (Sarabia, m.61), Pedri; Gerard Moreno (Fabian, m.68), Dani Olmo (Ferran Torres, m.61) and Morata (Oyarzabal, m.86).

1 – Poland: Szczesny; Bereszynski, Glik, Bednarek (Dawidowiz, d.85), Puchacz; Swiderski (Frankowski, m.68), Moder (Linetty, m.85), Klich (Kozwloski, m.56); Jozwiak, Zielinski, and Lewandowski.

Goals: 1-0, m.26: Morata. 1-1, m.54: Lewandowski.

Referee: Daniele Orsato (Italy). I admonish Pau Torres (81) and Rodri (92) for Spain; and to Klich (36), Moder (57), Jozwiak (59) and Lewandowski (90) for Poland.

Incidents: match of the second day of Eurocopa 2020, corresponding to Group E, played at the La Cartuja stadium before 15,000 spectators.

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