Sony is a Japanese multinational company based in Tokyo and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics .In this company you can find video games to mobile phones and computers. Facing Black Friday , this company has not wanted to be left behind and has launched a wide variety of discounts on its best products.
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Sony True Wireless-Headphones

Combine the freedom of being wireless with attractive design for a comfortable listening experience. Discounted 60%It has become one of the best Black Friday deals. It incorporates the “Extra Bass” technology to offer us powerful bass. Bass lines have never sounded so good.
The headphones have a durability of up to 18 hours of listening thanks to their useful charging case. With only 10 minutes of charging you can enjoy 60 minutes of playback. Bluetooth

technology offers a stable connection and spectacular sound quality. They have a great ergonomic and safe grip thanks to the fact that they make contact with three different points of the ear so that you are as comfortable as possible. As if that were not enough, it is also waterproof ,so splashes and sweat will not damage this device.
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Speaker This Sonydevice

is designed to offer a quality two-channel audio experience that can be adjusted thanks to the technologies that the Japanese company treats. You have the ability to play music throughout the house thanks to the built-in multi-room playback. You will only have to use the “Google Home” application .
It is compact in size and moisture resistant. Automatic sound calibration ensures optimal audio performance anywhere. Auto volume will analyze each track and adjust the volume so you can enjoy your music

without worries. You can pair the speaker with your mobile device or tablet using Bluetooth technology.
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Sony Smart TV 55 inches

With this television you will enjoy the precision of real contract in Full Array LED at an affordable price. Save 33% when you purchase this product and discover how real images can be when the finest details are brought out.
See smooth and clear images thanks to the latest technology. Its processor uses advanced algorithms to reduce noise and enhance the image to give you lifelike details and textures. This TV produces loud, quality sound without compromising the brand’s slim style.
It features a beautiful wraparound design with minimal distractions. The narrow aluminum bezel allows you to focus on the screen for a truly cinematic and inviting viewing experience. You will have the possibility to speak with the control to find your programs and movies faster.
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Sony Sound Bar

This is a compact 2.1 channel sound bar that saves space.It is easy to connect to the TV and has Bluetooth technology, plus you can play music through a USB connection or wireless transmission. Bring the built-in subwoofer and two front speakers to enjoy theater-like audio.
It is designed to fit into your home. The appearance of the sound bar is perfect so that you can place it in any space in your home. With Virtual Surround technology , this bar will place you in the center of the movies you like the most, simulating surround sound.
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Sony 4K Blu-Ray Player

Get the best seat in the house with this Ultra HD player . Advanced surround sound,4K detail and vibrant high dynamic range imagesthey offer a visual experience never before possible that completely surrounds you. Color spaces mean access to a wider range of colors than traditional TV signals. This wide space offers more saturated and realistic colors, such as deep blues, natural greens and vibrant reds.
The HDR10 signal contains up to 100 times the brightness of a standard signal, greatly increasing peak brightness while maintaining deep, highly detailed blacks. With all this you can enjoy a completely renewed visual experience.
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