Enlarged pores constitute a rather annoying imperfection that undermines the uniformity and brightness of the skin of the face. These can affect both men and women, indiscriminately, but it is clear that the effect on a female face is certainly more significant. There are women who have been fighting this problem for years, but who often do not realize that the issue can start to be solved from the beginning: this means taking preventive actions to preserve the well-being of the skin . The ideal is to start at a young age by adopting the healthy habit of regular and specific skin care.
All this, of course, requires the use of a lot of patience, but above all specific creams and products, preferably non-silicone. Often, when inflamed, enlarged pores lead to the creation of blackheads and pimples , very difficult to treat and really annoying. Obviously, there are some effective remedies to eliminate them that we will see very soon in this new article dedicated to beauty.

  • Pores: what they are, how they work and why they dilate
  • Facial cleansing against enlarged pores
  • Creams for enlarged pores
  • Masks for enlarged pores
  • Cleaners for enlarged pores
  • Hot steam to eliminate enlarged pores
  • The importance of the tonic to reduce dilated pores
  • Home remedies for enlarged pores
  • Make
    -up Yes, but with the right products

Pores: what they are, how they work and why they dilate
Before giving you all the tricks for eliminating large pores , we would like to give you some technical information. In case you didn’t know, in fact, the pores are small cavities that open outwards from the inside: openings, therefore, which coincide with the outlet of the sebaceous glands. The pores, in reality, play a very important role as they allow the skin to transpire and give a soft and fresh appearance.
The pores have a diameter of about 50 microns and there are 150 for every square centimeter of the epidermis. The pores are unsightly when they dilateand constitute a notable change. The causes are many, but the main one is oily skin.
Among the other conditions that we can highlight as triggers of enlarged pores , we have:

  • Consumption of alcohol in a disproportionate manner;
  • Consumption of drugs;
  • General aging of the skin;
  • Acne;
  • Increased androgens.

It is precisely these conditions that cause the pores to dilate and cause the skin to lose its natural luminosity and brilliance: in particular, dilated pores mostly affect the cheeks and the “T” area of ​​the face.
As we stated earlier, the pores are enlargedare a significant problem, especially for young women. It is however possible to deal with the issue by starting to change one’s lifestyle and bad habits: smoking, alcohol, unordered diet. Surely, avoiding smoking can greatly help your skin regain its natural shine, as well as eating more fruits and vegetables. Small tricks that can make a big difference! However, it is important to also use specific products to treat the problem, such as creams, masks, detergents and much more. Facial cleansing against enlarged pores
The first step in eliminating large poresand good cleansing. In fact, this helps a lot to purify the skin thoroughly by removing blackheads, dirt and impurities. If taking care of your skin is very important, it is also essential not to overdo it. An exaggerated cleaning of the face, in fact, can cause the opposite effect: you could go to remove the thin layer that covers the skin, making it sensitive and exposing it to any inflammation.
In any case, cleaning the face is also an important preventive action, as in addition to eliminating dirt, as we said previously, it helps to preserve the skin in optimal conditions and prevent the formation of further bacteria. Creams for dilated pores
Important ally against dilated pores and certainly onegood specific cream: in the morning, in fact, it is advisable to apply a good dose of product on the chin, cheeks and forehead. It should be a sebum-normalizing, antiseptic and antioxidant cream; for this reason it is very important to seek advice from an expert. In the evening, however, it is advisable to apply a good retinol cream, perfect for sebum normalizing the skin, which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. Obviously, it is good to follow a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, eliminating smoking and alcohol. Masks for enlarged pores
Even a good face mask can be a valid help against dilated pores: even better if it has detoxifying and astringent properties. The most suitable are clearly those based on vegetable carbon and clay, perfect thanks to their sebum-absorbing effect. To stimulate cell turnover, on the other hand, you can use a collagen mask , which compacts the skin. This type of mask, used together with other specific products, provides a higher level of hydration than the traditional one.
We also remember the collagen fleece mask, which has some notable advantages: it adheres perfectly like a second skin and favors the absorption of the active ingredients contained in some serums. Keep the fleece in place for about 20-30 minutes to obtain the desired results. Cleansers for enlarged pores
Daily cleansing of the face is a fundamental step, regardless of dilated pores . In fact, if done systematically, a good facial cleansing helps a lot to stimulate the microcirculation, improving the skin tone and making it fresher and brighter. Obviously, for a good result, it is advisable not to use too aggressive detergents and to remove make-up with surfactant-free products. Those with oily skin will certainly use a rinse-off gel with an astringent action.
Even the face scrub has a fundamental role: it helps to remove dead and impurities cells: the most used are those based on jojoba microspheres and various plant extracts, such as pineapple and papain. Alternatively, sonic brushes can also be used for deep cleaning: high-tech tools that stimulate cell renewal. Hot vapors to eliminate dilated pores
The fumigations help a lot to fight the enlarged pores.They are one of the ideal solutions to solve the problem, freeing the skin from impurities: it is necessary to boil water and add rose petals or rosemary essential oil. It will then be sufficient to cover the head with a towel and remain on for 5-10 minutes. Finally, it is very important to wash your face with warm water and apply a good toner. Remember, the tonic also plays a key role! The importance of the tonic to reduce dilated pores
Many underestimate the importance of the tonic : we are talking about a fundamental product, necessarily present in the daily beauty routine. In fact, it boasts numerous benefits: skin hydration, removal of dirt and impurities, as well as make-up and an acid pH capable oftotally close the pores .
Correct use of the tonic does not require it to be rubbed vigorously on the skin, but rather applied to a cotton pad and dabbing gently. It is ideal, especially for those with very delicate skin. In fact, in case you were not aware of it, the tonic has the primary function of rebalancing the acidity of the skin and purifying it, as well as closing the dilated pores. There are many products on the market, but for a good result it is advisable to contact a specialist in a pharmacy or your doctor. Home remedies for enlarged pores
If you are more on the side of the so-called “grandmother’s remedies”, then you absolutely must proceed in reading this article. In fact, we reveal some small secrets useful for eliminating enlarged pores . You can choose between lemongrass, pineapple or lemon oil. Although it may seem very funny, in reality these ingredients have a strong positive impact on the problem of enlarged pores and can partially solve the problem.
Lemongrass oil is well known for its soothing action and is perfect for oily skin, prone to impurities. Just apply a few drops of the product on the affected areas and massage gently. After that, remember to remove the product with micellar water. Lemon or pineapple are also excellent: they have an astringent action thanks to the presence of citric acid. We advise you to pour a few drops of juice on a cotton pad and dab the affected areas. Finally, wash your face with warm water to remove the product. Make
-up Yes, but with the right products Enlarged

pores can also be caused by make-up, or rather, from products not properly suited to the type of skin you have. In fact, it is essential to use specific cosmetics that respect the pH of the skin and that do not contribute to excessive sebum production. Before the foundation, it is very useful to apply a good serum, but above all try to create a light make-up base, especially in summer. You know you have oily skin, then, we strongly advise you not to use silicone products and those that contain mineral oils. In fact, products containing this kind of elements risk dilating the pores over time.
Therefore, organic products can be the perfect alternative to the classic silicone product: they are able to give compactness to the complexion, brightness and brilliance. To minimize thepresence of dilated pores and very useful to use a latex sponge to spread the product better. Finally, it is very important to clean the skin every night and remove all traces of make-up. Remember, always use toner!

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