The most suitable choice for your living room
Better to choose according to the environment or according to our tastes
Here are some indications on how to orient yourself among the many and various proposals of interior design
A right choice of furniture can determine the difference between a refined environment and personal and a mundane environment . It may not always seem like this at first glance, and not everyone thinks of these style differences. Let’s take for example a living area, whose highlight is certainly the sofa . The latter combines functionality and aesthetics, encourages a hospitable atmosphere, guarantees a space for moments of quick relaxation of the day. Even the sofas have many faces and many identities: like many furnishing elements, they vary in coverings, finishes, colors, shapes and, above all, in style. Preferring a modern sofa will contribute to an environment in step with the times, while preferring a vintage sofa will open the way to a classic living room. Interior design never fails to become more elaborate, bolder and more intriguing every day. So much so that it is often not easy for many to find their way around the many proposals in the sector. Not only that: to “get the eye” often requires input and advice from reliable sources. So, here we are! To be or not to be
Modern or retro

We allow ourselves to focus on a large subdivision, which many designers and aspiring interior decorators must take into account, a question not always taken for granted that can undermine our orientation: modern or retro style sofa
Let’s start from a very important premise: everything – or at least, a lot – it depends on the kind of environment we face . If the choice of the missing piece occurs when the rest of the space is already defined, looking for something “coherent” will certainly facilitate our evaluations. We have a simple and minimal environment
Colorful and vintage
Elegant and classic
Even the lines of the sofa, modern or not, must fit into the geometry of the room, like the piece of a perfect puzzle.
It is very important not to neglect, in any case, the tastes and preferences of those who have to experience the environment, be it home or office, every day (or almost). The charm of design also lies in forcing the rules, being creative, looking for eccentric combinations that can work in your own small way. A vintage sofa that shakes the balance of a minimal living room
A modern and versatile sofa that adapts to a rustic space
Why not We too can create our own rules . In which cases the modern sofa is the best choice
As mentioned, tastes are tastes, but this does not prevent us from giving some indications. In fact, a few important precautions are enough for our spaces to be avant-garde. Modern sofas have a very unique way of combining simplicity with originality . Their designs, in fact, are often ordered and geometric : this makes them quite versatile in spaces that do not have a disruptive personality. Situations in which, in other words, the identity of the room could largely be given by the choice of this piece. We must not forget, however, that there is a constant search for originality and novelty . Despite being linear, they know how to have a lot of presence, they know how to attract the attention of those who observe and experience the environment.Not to mention the features! The design is often in step with the small technological innovations of the sector: this has paved the way for the most interesting and disparate options. But what do we mean by functionality with design, concretely
To get an idea, on the online site, we can find different types of modern sofas that combine design and peculiar options : from the classic pull-out bed function to the automated extension of the footrests, from the USB ports to beverage coolers. For those who want a state-of-the-art living room and, why not, impress their guests. Vintage is always vintage! And the retro -style sofasWhat this range of sofas lacks in technology, it makes up for in the personality and elegance that literally has no time. Coatings and colors bring us back to a more or less distant atmosphere, to times when the style of the rooms and the houses themselves had other priorities and preferred more full, warm, personal spaces . Creating a design living room also means encouraging creativity and imagination. Many love retro sofas because they have a sweet nostalgia for the design of yesteryear , others want to give a touch of originality to their environments by choosing a vintage piece.
A little journey through time, to be contemplated every day. Vintage is a sector for experts, but not only:certain furnishing choices must be made with the stomach … and with the heart. Where your Verse takes you to a futuristic design or to a classic leather sofa
The choice, in the end, will be yours.

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