There are football matches that are not like any other. Matches that become part of the legend and that create real sports myths. There is no appointment like the World Cup final that can do that. Falls, triumphs, stories, emotions, tears and joy: this and much more have given you the 5 most beautiful games we have collected for you.
The first we will talk about is not even a real ending as we understand it today. The 1950 World Cup was awarded after an Italian round in which the winners of the eliminatory rounds faced each other. Leading the ranking of the final mini-round are Brazil and Uruguay. A draw is enough for the verdeoro to make the 175,000 fans who have come to Maracana rejoice and win the title.
The game started in the best way for the hosts who took the lead after a few minutes. The draw is in the air, however, and Schiaffino thinks about fixing the score at 1 to 1. Eleven minutes from the end the big joke: the Uruguayans take the lead with Ghiggia and win the World Cup. And the game that will go down in history with the name of “Maracanazo”.
Goal and spectacle in the 1966 final. The host country England and Germany are fighting for the title. A beautiful and hard-fought game, decided by an arbitration error, the non-goal of the English 3 to 2 made by Hurst and assigned despite the fact that the ball had not crossed the white line. The Germans are unable to react after falling behind and also suffer the 4 to 2 final goal. It will be the first and only title in the history of English football and will be celebrated in front of the Queen and 100,000 fans at Wembley Stadium .
Every football fan hopes that the World Cup finals will be full of goals and that the contenders for the Golden Boot of the Tournament will be decisive. The hope that accompanies all game lovers in every edition was realized in 1970. In the final there are the strongest Brazil ever and the Italy of Valcareggi., fresh from the epic 4 to 3 victory in the semifinals against Germany. On 21 June at the Azteca stadium in Mexico City, Pele ‘s and Boninsegna
‘s teams face off . After a very balanced first half and finished at 1 to 1 thanks to the markings of the two bombers, the South Americans are rampant in the second fraction. Brazil progressively took over thanks to a spectacular game and scored another 3 goals with Gerson, Jairzinho and Carlos Alberto. It will be the third title in the history of the verdeoro who will finally win the Rimet Cup.
In 1982 Italy was once again the protagonist, this time on the “right” side of history. The World Cup is played in Spain and the final is a classic of football: Italy-Germany. July 11 at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid and blue riot. In the first half Cabrini misses a penalty and the teams go to rest at 0 to 0. The second half of the match will be the decisive one with 3 goals by Rossi, Tardelli and Altobelli and the irrelevant marking by Breitner. 3 to 1 final and third title for the Italian national team .
It is enough to wait four years to find another match that has entered the history of the competition by right. The Argentina of Maradona and the Germany of Matthaus and Rummenigge are played in the World Cup. We are once again in Mexico and at the Azteca stadium two of the strongest national teams of all time face each other.
The game is going well for Argentina who go 2-0 thanks to goals from Brown and Valdano in the first half. Result on ice
Not even for a dream. The Germans are not there and in just seven minutes, from 74th to 81st, they draw with Rummenigge and Voeller. But the surprises aren’t over yet. And the World Championship of Maradona and the confirmation comes 6 minutes from the final whistle. After a difficult game spent trying to free himself from Matthaus’s asphyxiating marking, the Argentina captain backs off and puts the ball for the final 3 to 2 on Burruchaga’s feet.

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