With a little delay compared to what we are used to, the 2020/2021 Champions League is ready to go. After the success of Bayern Munich, who will write their name in the roll of honor of the competition

The so-called provincial are now projected on long-term projects, with important investments and some dreams in the drawer

The defender, who in the past fought and defeated a testicular tumor, and was with the national team at the hospital in Rome. And remained until he greeted all


Roberto Baggio will have a story dedicated to him on Netflix . He will not be a documentary but a real film, a biopic. The duration and release date are not yet known, we are talking about 2020 or 2021, but for now the announcement is enough: the film will be called“Il Divin Codino” , will be directed by Letizia Lamartire, an Apulian director born in ’87 who has already worked with Netflix for the Baby series and to interpret the delicate role of Baggio will be the 26-year- old from Abruzzo Andrea Arcangeli , blond hair, clear eyes and a look that it is very reminiscent of the former Italian champion

. The film will cover Baggio’s 22-year career, from his debut in Lanerossi Vicenza to the last step of his immense career in Brescia , obviously without forgetting his experiences in the blue jersey. However, we will not only speak of the field but we will also analyze manwho with his introverted character and his simplicity managed to win the hearts of all the fans. Roberto Baggio himself will follow the entire making of the film in person and the director Lamartire said:
It is the story of a humble man with immeasurable talent who changed Italian football with his plays. We will also tell the story of a person who through personal suffering has achieved great triumphs on the pitch
. The story will be taken from the book by Raffaele Nappi which talks about “a child prodigy, with 220 internal stitches and a perforated meniscus at the age of 17 . The story of who everyone gave up for dead, and found himself with a Golden Ball in his hands. This is the story of clashes, scuffles, fires in the name of a football player. It is the story of an Italian summer, of squares and parties, of flags and wasps, of monks and hunters. This is the story of the man who has no enemies. This is the story of a generation. This is the story of a champion. This is the story of Roberto Baggio ”.
The Divin Codino is one of the seven films that will be born from the agreement between Netflix and Mediaset: all that remains is to sit in an armchair and wait with a pinch of patience for the release of these Italian products that will go first on Netflix and then, after 12 months, on Canale 5.

No less than 17 world champions on the pitch for a charity match for a classic of world football: it ended 3-3 with goals from Toni, Totti and Tommasi

It will be the third jersey for the Italian national team. Plots inspired by the Renaissance and the novelty of the green color: there is only one precedent for Italy

I promised the child who dreamed of becoming a footballer that I would play until I felt amazed by entering the field. But my heart told me I was breaking my promise. I stop, but I feel I have to say thank you dream, you have given me strength and happiness!
I promised the child who dreamed of becoming a footballer that I would play until I was amazed by entering the field. But my heart told me I was breaking my promise. I stop, but I feel I have to say thank you dream, you have given me strength and happiness!
– Claudio Marchisio (@ ClaMarchisio8) October 3, 2019
With these words , midfielder Claudio Marchisio announced his retirement from football at the age of 33. As many as 23 of these he passed to Juventus , his dream and great love: a proud squire of the Lady, from the youth teams to the first team, also passing through Serie B,which, however, made him enter the hearts of the fans and consecrated him in Italian and European football. A difficult decision but taken with awareness and announced in a press conference at the Allianz Stadium, in the “Gianni and Umberto Agnelli” room. After the last knee injury, professional and ethical to the end, he prematurely terminated the contract with Zenit, a St. Petersburg team, “sweet exile” when he was no longer part of Juventus’ plans. He hasn’t accepted other offers in Serie A, but that’s not his regret:
Not to win the Champions League with Juve and the European Championship with the National team. These are my two biggest regrets. The best moment is when I realized that the dream was coming true and it was the year of Serie B. I saw the faces of the champions who had chosen to stay in B. For me it was not wearing the Juve shirt. in Serie B, it was wearing the Juve shirt and that’s it. ”The best goal
“ There are two: the one against Inter and the first scored in the new stadium, it was the beginning of an unrepeatable vicente cycle. The match I would like to play
again The match against Barcelona in the Champions League final in Berlin, even just a part of the second half
389 matches with the Juventus shirt, one red card and seven league titles – among the many other trophies raised to heaven.With the blue jersey of the national team, the debut in August 2009 against Switzerland, then 55 challenges, many disappointments and the 2012 European Championship played as protagonist and leader . The last match in 2017 in a 3-0 against Uruguay in which Claudio plays just 19 minutes and goes out due to injury. There are several social messages, but from an ex-Barca comes an authentic poem, short but profound: for Andres Iniesta, from today “football is a little less football”.
Disfrute viendote jugar pero mas aun tasksendo contra ti. Hoy el futbol es un poco menos futbol.
Heartfelt thanks for everything @ ClaMarchisio8 👏🏼👏🏼
– Andres Iniesta (@ andresiniesta8) October 3, 2019
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