Sometimes it happens that after a great victory you feel the need to gain new experiences and this and the case of De Rossi leaves the national team after winning Euro2020 . The former Roma midfielder , protagonist as a player in the 2006 World Cup victory and as a collaborator of Mancini ‘s national team , has in fact decided to leave his post.
The desire to sit on the bench in the role of coach, therefore, took over and made him take this difficult decision, which comes after a splendid Italian victory .

De Rossi leaves the national team – his words
about him During a long interview with Sportweek,De Rossi explained the reasons for his choice and talked about Italy in Euro 2020.
First he thanked Roberto Mancini and the Federation for the wonderful experience and declared that it was a very difficult decision to make; his will, however. and to sit on a bench, so he left the national team to concentrate on his new job as a coach.
His adventure began thanks to a chat with Mancini, who proposed that he be part of the national team staff; De Rossi initially refused due to the offer to play for Boca Junior.After that, he retraced his steps and decided to be part of the support group of Italy in the European Championships 2020.
According to him, the main merit was the coach Roberto Mancini, who united everyone, players, managers and fans. The Giallorossi then said he always thought that team could win; also because the technical and human values ​​and the team spirit were remarkable. The turning point was the match against Austria, which made everyone understand the strength of the group. The former midfielder then spoke of some players in the group.
About Donnarummahe said that he is an immense goalkeeper, against whom it is difficult to score even on a penalty kick and who has the maturity of a veteran; despite being still only 22 years old and can win everything, including the Ballon d’Or . Chiellini and Bonucci also protected him very well and De Rossi had wonderful words about them too.
Speaking of the English who took away the medal, De Rossi downplayed, saying that we must not give morale to our opponents; even the Italians, in fact, in the past sometimes did not behave well and booed the anthems of the opponents. Obviously the experience of victory was an incredible emotion and he lived it by throwing himself on the table, as evidenced by the video:
As mentioned, he wants to feel the emotions from the bench, who has an idea of ​​basically offensive football but wants his team to be balanced at the same time. The thought of him is, in any case, that of adapting also to the squad that he will have available and to the qualities of the players who will have to take the field.
He also dwelt on the various coaches he had in his career and talked about the possibility of being Mourinho ‘s deputy , saying that the Portuguese won everything without his help; he did, therefore, understand that he declined the proposal. However, he spoke very well of the new Roma coach and reiterated his hope for Totti’s return as manager.
Finally he focused on the next championship, predicting a podium consisting ofJuve, Inter and Milan.

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