Air- purifying masks have become particularly popular in recent times. Not only the Covid, but also the level of environmental pollution, in the different cities of the world, has made these accessories more and more taken into account by people. In this case, we will talk about one of the most effective hygienic masks today. The LG air purifying mask will bring great benefits to our health.
This mask is capable of protecting us from any type of contamination. Viruses and bacteria will stay further away from our body. HEPA filters, present in the LG air-purifying mask,They will not allow any toxic agent to affect us. In addition, the most important thing is that the filters are disposable. If they break or get dirty, they can always be replaced by others, but they cannot be washed with water because they will lose effectiveness.
Buy at El Corte Ingles for €99 €50

LG purifying mask design

One of the advantages offered by this LG air purifying mask, in addition to its design, is that it maintains a good value for money. During these weeks you can have it with a 50% discount on its price.
These types of masks adapt perfectly to any type of face. They have been made based on an ergonomic design, so it is a completely flexible and adjustable accessory. In addition, it has an elastic to be able to adapt it behind the head and not have to wear it attached to the ears.
Buy at El Corte Ingles for €99 €50

Now you have the opportunity to have your air-purifying mask with a 50% discount on its price

The LG air-purifying mask not only allows us to take care of our health, but also helps our savings thanks to the discount it presents. You have the opportunity to take it with a 50% discount on its price . At any time of the year, you will get this product for a price of 99 euros. However, now you can have it for only 50 euros.
It is essential that, even if you have aair purifying mask , do not forget that you must continue to comply with the rest of the measures implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For example, social distancing, hand hygiene or avoiding crowds.
Buy at El Corte Ingles for €99 €50

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