A shirt or a T-shirt that does not stain , but does not wrinkle or accumulate bad odors The first answer that comes to mind is that this is impossible and that we do not believe many of the characteristics that the labels assure us.
However, for a few years, the Spanish company Sepiia has reaped great success with its “intelligent ” garments , made with the latest technology applied to the materials with which they make their shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts or swimsuits. In addition to making it easier for us to wash with this type of clothing, the company also contributes to sustainability and the environment.

Sepiia sells these smart clothes and presents itself as a company that incorporates technology into clothing to make our daily lives easier. These are functional, sustainable garments that do not wrinkle, do not accumulate body odor and do not stain. As if that were not enough, they are elastic and breathable

garments , so they prevent the appearance of sweat and bad odours. A real discovery without leaving Spain. The secret
How Sepiia achieves these clothes…, the secret is in the textile fiber itself

with which they make their garments, which incorporates very small silver particles inside, which prevent, among other things, the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odor. “The textile industry has also evolved , giving rise to new high-capacity fabrics and materials, especially aimed at highly technical industries such as sports, the aerospace sector, biotechnology or clothing for the military”, assured the creator of Sepiia, the engineer Federico Sainz , to the media.

Several days without washing

Thanks to its technology, Sepiia garments can be washed less frequentlythan a normal shirt. It all depends on the type of use that is made of the garment, but, like jeans, shirts or polo shirts, they can be used for days without needing to be washed.

Liquids that slide

How does the technology work in these garments
Well, viscous liquids, such as ketchup or juice, slide more slowly over the fabric. To remove them, they advise using water to drag the products away from the fabric. You don’t have to rub because that way the stain would end up penetrating the inside of the fabric, which has no treatment, and, therefore, the garment will get stained.

Normal wash

Sepiia shirts and polo shirts and other garments can bewash like a normal garment in the washing machine or by hand. The outer face of the fabric has an anti-stain finish, they explain from the company. However, the inner face is absorbent, which allows the garment to expel moisture to the outside. For this reason, once the fabric is immersed in water and the inner face is soaked, the outer face is also moistened and allows the garment to be washed normally.


sales Sepiia was born as a digital brand, they sell online , although they opened two points of sale, one in Madrid and the other in Barcelona . In addition, they are very active on their social networks and you can find the latest news, offers, sizes, etc.

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