Beware of banned slimming substances

There are seven slimming substances banned according to the 2015 decree signed by the Minister of Health, on the recommendation of AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) and after reports of suspected adverse reactions from the National Pharmacovigilance Network.

The substances contained in the banned diet pills
The ban refers to the following active ingredients used for magisterial preparations for slimming purposes: bupropion, clorazepate, fluoxetine, furosemide, metformin, topiramate and triac .
The latter are added to others already recently banned by the same Ministry: phenylpropanolamine / norephedrine and pseudoephedrine.
These substances, known for some time and used for therapeutic purposes in various fields in various medical specialties (treatment of anxiety and depression, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy), are prescribed individually or frequently in combination with each other by some “doctors” (pseudo- dieticians) with the aim of guaranteeing a “normal” weight loss in the absence of regular scientific studies and experiments but with high risks for the health of patients such as psychiatric, cardiovascular, hormonal disorders.
This decree finally limits the bad work of those who, even through the prescriptions of miraculous cocktails, still deceive unsuspecting patients.
We must never forget that a diet is balanced when it contains energy food principles (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins) and not (vitamins, mineral salts and water) in quantities to allow the body to carry out the normal and complete completion of all its metabolic processes. -functional, without the use of chemicals.
Therefore, always contact your trusted Dietician to lose weight peacefully … by eating!


# 1

Dear Serafino, you know how I think about it, so I subscribe right down to the comma what you have excellently reported and I also add, that perhaps the time has come for very severe sanctions to arrive, for those who want to persevere in the prescribe similar concoctions.


Spelling mistake for which I apologize: you know how I think …….

# 3

Hi Sergio.
I know your thoughts very well and I believe that, at least on this issue, you can legally mutilate the hands of those many, many “prescribers without science and recklessness” !!
A warm greeting.

# 4

You couldn’t have said better!
How many improvised “dieticians” deceive (and endanger) overweight people through “magical” prescriptions!
A warm greeting!

# 5

ALTHOUGH I SHARE WHAT REPORTED, I cannot, however, remain silent that, in this regard, if diet and exercise were enough (as we have known for centuries) you would not be obese. The reality is, unfortunately, different.
Therefore, in order to be CREDIBLE, it will be necessary to take into account some population groups such as:
a) those who cannot diet
b) those who cannot exercise
c) those who can only do a modest diet and little physical exercise
and so on ….
With these as we put it: we lay down our arms or … they must “accept themselves as they are” (never done in reality
… perhaps “resign themselves to being as they are” … better not
) ..
Otherwise there is the risk of believing only in the tales and proclamations of “all good, healthy and beautiful” .
I apologize, but my role as a “mosquito”, I can hardly resist.

# 6

Thanks Marco!
In the presence of certain “prescriptions” I have always informed 1) the patient and 2) who has the duty to check!
With this decree there will be no escape for the “dietucoli” … if we are vigilant and attentive.
Greetings to you too.

# 7

Dear Ivanoe,
your role as a “mosquito” very dear to me for similarity and highly stimulating and at the same time interesting and welcome!
I agree with your observations and I am not surprised to read that >> … if diet and exercise were enough (as we have known for centuries) there would be no obese. >>> … even if the reality is different.
But different from what you

perhaps forget that for the WHO “obesity is a DISEASE and as such, as harmful if not dangerous to health,
And if it is true that obesity is a chronic condition that can be cured but cannot be cured … in any case it must be treated!
Therefore, as with any pathology, obesity also has very specific causes and specific therapies.
Among the causes, the genetic heritage of which each individual has biological mechanisms that regulate our weight and which are normally “programmed” not for its decrease but, on the contrary, for its increase.
This behavior aimed at accumulating precious energy reserves in the form of fat has allowed the survival of the human species over the millennia, even in times of famine.
Today, an era of food and technological well-being, paradoxically it is the exact opposite!
Again according to WHO data, the prevalence of obesity worldwide has doubled from the 1980s to today; in the first decade of this millennium there were over 1.4 billion overweight adults (35% of the world population); of these, over 200 million men and over 300 million women were obese (11% of the world population). In the meantime, the problem has now begun to affect the pediatric range as well: it is estimated that in 2011 there were over 40 million overweight children under the age of 5 in the world.
The causes of all this
We know very well:
– genetic factors (alteration of thermogenesis, alteration of appetite control, deficit of the oxidative mechanisms of fats);
– congenital factors (influence of nutritional or endocrine factors acting during intrauterine life, such as diabetic disease or maternal obesity);
– acquired or environmental factors (incorrect eating habits, sedentariness, intercurrent diseases – hypothyroidism, insulinoma, polycystic ovary, lesions of the Central Nervous System -, orexigenic drugs such as anxiolytics, antidepressants and antihistamines taken for long periods);
– psychological factors.
I would like to focus on the “psychological factors” among the most frequent causes, in recent years, of DCA with inevitable overweight / obesity, easily controllable (especially if treated in synergy with Psychiatrists / Psychotherapists) in the initial stages … but with frequent relapses (recovery of the pounds lost) if the aforementioned factors do not disappear and a prolonged dietary rehabilitation intervention is not carried out.
The topic is really vast and, certainly, inexhaustible which leaves room for different debates with different opinions but you will agree with me that obesity must also be fought in a multidisciplinary way and addressed as any acute, exacerbated, relapsing or chronic pathology.
Thanks for stepping in.

# 8

August 16, 2015

Hi, although I was aware of it, I read with great satisfaction that the minister has finally ex law banned dangerous molecules, obviously used off label, prescribed by doctors in ignorance and unconsciousness, in masterly preparations to obtain a more rapid weight decrease bodily.
The unavailability as galenics blocks any masterful concoction in the bud and the media diffusion carried out by the Colleague is meritorious.
It is to be hoped that the authorities in charge will monitor the clandestine market of these substances, already sold in nightclubs, including furosemide, and certainly online on despicable websites: I think that the postal police should be quicker in obscuring such manifestations of illegality. dangerous to health and life.
I am stunned by the intervention of Prof. Ivanoe Santoro, whose connection I have not grasped between the prohibition of the aforementioned molecules and the meditation on the fact that the obese, I would add also the overweight patients, deserve a dignified existence too.
Surely I am mentally limited but I do not see, even if I have reflected, a causal link with Dr. Marcolongo’s post.
I believe that on this occasion the mosquito has only given off an annoying buzz, as such insects do, but not the bearer of reflective cues.
Dear prof. Santoro, it is known to all, even to doctors, that overweight and obesity are PATHOLOGIES themselves and in turn carry a plethora of endocrine, cardiovascular, osteoarticular, neoplastic, gynecological pathologies – in which obesity is ‘sometimes symptom – and I stop for the sake of synthesis.
Marcolongo explained the causes admirably: but in most cases there is an imbalance between the intake and consumption of calories.
If you do not stress that eating more than necessary HURTS you get the wrong message: the one that patients with 45% Ejection Fraction, decompensated, with a heart twice the size of normal and with a very high BMI, bring to my attention, who insist that they eat nothing, absolutely nothing.
Except discovering by side streets that they gorge themselves like turkeys!
Psychological and psychiatric support is welcome, a SERIOUS NUTRITIONIST DOCTOR is welcome, we resort to surgery if necessary but only when the patient has become aware that he risks his life and not just the size of the dress, Dear Prof, and risks it more with the drug illusion!
In conclusion: if he allows my little brain to understand what he wanted to mean by buzzing, he will have my gratitude.
Have a nice Sunday!!

# 12

Dear Vincenzo,
Meanwhile, I also thank you for intervening and for expressing your personal opinion on a topic – obesity – “really vast and, certainly, inexhaustible that leaves room for different debates with different opinions”, as already written in my previous post ( # 7).

# 13

August 17, 2015

Thank you, dear Serafino, for hosting me.
A sincerely friendly greeting!

# 16

User 323XXX
August 30th 2015

Dear Dr. Marcolongo,
I have been suffering from eating disorders for the past 6 years .. for a year now I have been undergoing treatment with bupropion 300 mg (together with group psychological therapies).
I have noticed that since taking it I have lost weight .. obviously it was rewarding but it didn’t really depend on my will. My question is very simple: when I stopped taking it, therefore, I will regain all the kg that I have lost , I
am afraid of it especially for the psychological consequences.

# 17

Gent. Giulia,
it is very easy for him to gain weight when the drug is discontinued, especially if he has not achieved favorable results with psychological therapies supported by a well-defined dietary program that can be followed.
Best regards.

# 18

User 389XXX
March 20, 2017

Dear Dr. Marcolongo,
she cites genetic factors among the causes of obesity:
“Among the causes, the genetic heritage of which each individual has biological mechanisms that regulate our weight and which are normally” programmed “not for its decrease but, on the contrary, for its increase.
This behavior aimed at accumulating precious energy reserves in the form of fat has allowed the survival of the human species over the millennia, even in periods of famine.
Today, an era of food and technological well-being, paradoxically is the exact opposite ”
This it also applies to those who eat a lot (even high-calorie foods) and do NOT get fat
It is due to genetic factors
I was a bit shocked to know that obesity is not curable.
This applies to all obese
people.Even for those who pass from being overweight (lasting 4-5 years) to first degree
obesity, that is, obesity cannot be cured even if it is only due to environmental factors and NOT to genetic factors.

# 19

Gent. User 389250,
(..) This also applies to those who eat a lot (even high-calorie foods) and DO NOT get fat
. It is due to genetic factors
If we exclude causes of a different nature, the answer is absolutely affirmative!
Regarding healing or not, for the WHO “obesity is a DISEASE and as such, as it is harmful if not dangerous to health, it must be treated.” !!
… regardless of the causes that generated it: environmental and / or genetic.

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