The evening skincare routine is the ultimate pampering before going to sleep, a moment of relaxation that is good for the face but also for the spirit. Not only that, at night the treatments that are applied to the face are more effective, because it is precisely at night that the skin is renewed and regenerated. So if in the morning we are in a hurry to get ready to leave the house for school or work and need a quick facial skincare routine , before going to sleep let’s take 10 minutes to follow all the steps. Obviously every skin is different and must be listened to: change products, use less or more, alternate them according to your needs, but always starting from this base to create a face skincare routine .

  • Cleanse your face by removing makeup and dirt accumulated during the day
  • Apply a toner suitable for your skin type
  • The eye contour serum, to act in depth
  • The face also wants its serum, different depending on the desired result
  • The eye contour cream, to be massaged to help circulation
  • Don’t forget the face cream, choose it according to your needs
  • The sleeping mask, the night face mask for an intensive treatment
  • Cocoa butter and hand cream before going to bed, the final steps

Cleanse your face by removing makeup and dirt accumulated during the day
When it comes to evening skincare routine, the steps to take may seem many, but they are quick and above all just get used to them. The first fundamental step is to thoroughly cleanse the face, eliminating makeup but also the dirt accumulated during the day, as well as dead cells. For waterproof make-up it is better to use oil-based make-up removers, but if you have applied little make-up or you don’t usually use it, simple micellar water will also suffice, to rinse, please.
For the true skincare routine experts, however, washing your face in the evening means only one thing: double cleansing. Double cleansing consists of using an oil or a make-up remover butter to massage with your fingers to dissolve all the makeup and sebum present on the face, and then go to remove any residue either with a microfiber cloth or with a foaming cleanser, often and gladly a mousse. This type of cleansing is suitable for all skin types and yes, even for mixed or oily ones, because the oil is sebum-affine and it is the second step, that of the foaming cleanser, which takes away the residues of oil but also of sebum. Apply a toner suitable for your skin type
Once the skin has been cleansed and dried, it’s time to move on to the toner. Not everyone agrees on the usefulness of this product, but what is safe is that it is a gentle cuddle, a pleasant moment to be included in facial care. In fact, tonics often have very pleasant and relaxing fragrances and, above all, they give a feeling of freshness to the face. The important thing is that they do not contain alcohol, which could irritate the skin and dry it.
The proponents of the tonic, on the other hand, argue that, by applying it, the treatments applied subsequently are strengthened, which would be more easily absorbed by the skin. What is certain is that the ingredients inside can be a valuable aid for the skin; For example, tonics for sensitive skin contain soothing substances while illuminating tonics, to be used only in the evening, often contain acids and active ingredients capable of lightening dark spots, reducing discoloration and improving skin texture. The eye contour serum, to act in depth
The eye contour serum is a product that we could actually define as optional but which can help to enhance the effects of the cream that will be applied later. The texture is often very fluid and is easily absorbed, but they are often rich in pure active ingredients that act on a very thin layer of skin such as that of the eye contour. Choose one that acts on a different problem than the eye contour cream, in order to create an ad hoc treatment for the area. For example, if you suffer from bags and dark circles, choose a brightening or caffeinated serum that helps drain and deflate. If, on the other hand, you have a very dry and dehydrated eye contour, opt for a moisturizing eye contour serum. Read the directions carefully,Even the face wants its serum, different depending on the desired result.
If the eye contour serum is optional, the face serum shouldn’t be in a self-respecting evening skincare routine . Also in this case, choose the serum as an adjuvant to the cream treatment you are going to apply, so that the two products act in synergy. The serum is chosen not only on the basis of one’s skin type, but also on the type of imperfection and problem to be treated. If you have arid or dry skin it will be important to use a serum in oil or in any case something moisturizing, if instead you have oily, combination or acne-prone skin you can use a purifying serum, which contains for example vitamin C, niacinamide, glycolic or salicylic acid. .
Apply in small quantities, it is usually easy to dose because it is contained in a packaging with a pipette. A pipette should be used for the whole face and maybe even the neck, massaging it upwards to help circulation. Whatever your skin type, the serum performs the task of deeply hydrating it, and a boost of hydration that is retained by the cream applied subsequently. The eye contour cream, to be massaged to help circulation
The eye contour cream is mainly chosen richer or lighter based on your skin: a dry and marked eye contour will need a nourishing eye contour cream while a young eye contour or that tends to have millet grains will have to opt for something lighter in order not to clog the pores and thus avoid the formation of new ones.
Being an area where the skin is very thin, except where expressly indicated, the eye contour cream is massaged around the bone without getting too close to the eye. With your middle or ring finger, press a couple of times on the inner corner of the eye, then slide your fingers outward following the bone. Repeat the operation until the cream is absorbed, making the same movement also upwards, for a momentary lifting effect and to improve circulation, thus also improving the appearance of the eye. Don’t forget the face cream, choose it according to your needs
Here we are at the most loved, known and performed step: the face cream. All the previous steps of the evening skincare routinethey can be replaced by a single face cream
Yes, but only you are really in a hurry and never skip cleansing: before putting anything on your face, it is better to apply just a generous dose of cream. Also in this case choose it according to your skin type, but you can choose it different from the serum, so that it acts on other problems.
For example, if you have chosen an anti-spot serum you can opt for an anti-wrinkle face cream, if you have chosen a moisturizing serum and you have dry skin maybe you prefer a nourishing cream. The cream makes sure that the serum and the previously applied products are sealed, creates a barrier to ensure that they do not evaporate, thus retaining water and hydration, as well as obviously a fatty component that restores the lipid part of the skin. .The sleeping mask, the night face mask for an intensive treatment
The sleeping masks are night face masks to be applied a couple of times a week or every day, depending on the type. They are a real hydration boost to be applied about 10-20 minutes before going to sleep. They are kept in place all night, without rinsing them, like real face creams to be applied in greater quantities. They create an additional barrier that retains all the active ingredients applied to the face with the evening skincare routineand at the same time they act with their ingredients present in the formulation. Not just a boost of hydration, but also powerful anti-wrinkles, anti-imperfection treatments, illuminating or soothing night face masks, to be chosen based on your skin type or its condition in a given period. Cocoa butter and hand cream before going to bed, the final steps
Last, but not least, the lip balm and hand cream to complete an evening skincare routineself-respecting. Both are two products that need no introduction: cocoa butter keeps lips hydrated, soft and smooth and helps regenerate them in case of dryness, skin, cracks and chapping. Apply in large quantities so that it absorbs throughout the night. The hand cream, on the other hand, is used for the same reason, that is to keep the hands smooth, soft, hydrated and repair them from cracks and chapping, often due to wind, external agents, antibacterial gels and continuous washing. For a shock treatment, apply plenty of hand cream and then some cotton gloves, stop them with rubber bands and leave to act overnight.

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