Not many know it, but it is one of the most important elements when it comes to make-up: we are talking about the undertone of the skin , different from both the tone and the overtone. To choose the right make-up and accessories that enhance your appearance, you must therefore rely on the color scheme that accurately analyzes natural colors.
If the undertone is different from the tone and the overtone, how do you choose the right colors that enhance your face
So, how to understand the undertone of the skin
Here is DiLei’s definitive guide with all the tips to always be at the top! Skin undertone: what it is and how to understand it
First of all we must start from the definition of undertone itself, to understand precisely what we are referring to. The undertone refers to hot-cold , therefore to temperature, and is a scientific characteristic because it depends on carotene, melanin and hemoglobin, moreover it can never change, even if the skin undergoes changes in atmospheric agents. There are therefore 2 types of undertones:

  • hot, with a yellowish skin that tans easily;
  • cold, with a pinkish skin that reddens easily and tans instead with difficulty.

In this case, other characteristics such as hair color or skin tone do not affect : for example the undertone of an olive skin will not necessarily be warm, indeed it could absolutely be cold.
But why it is so important to understand it
Because the undertone of the skin is fundamental in the choice of foundation, of other elements of make-up, but also of the accessories and clothing we wear. Usually, in fact, if you choose colors in harmony with your undertone, you enhance your image, on the contrary if you choose in contrast, the result is not optimal.
So to understand what your skin undertone is, you can do a testin which various questions are answered to evaluate all the elements that distinguish it, including:

  • skin color and tone;
  • how the skin reacts to the sun;
  • presence or absence of freckles;
  • lip color;
  • ear color;
  • vein color;
  • shades of the eyes and sclera;
  • hair colour.

In addition to all these variables, further tests can be carried out , including that of metals and that of fabrics. For the first you take two accessories: one of silver and one of gold, based on which of the two enhances your face the best, you can understand if the undertone is cold (for silver) or warm (for gold ).
Alternatively, you can also use fabrics : take an ice gray fabric and a cream-colored sweater. You wrap your head with each of these, while you have your face removed and based on which of the two illuminates your face better, you understand what your undertone is. It is very important to be careful not to confuse the olive skinwith a necessarily warm undertone. It is in fact a peculiarity of the complexion that can assume both shades, both hot and cold. Characteristics of the warm undertone of the skin
There are some characteristics that people with a warm undertone have in common, for example the skin tends to yellow , sometimes even amber. They tan easily, taking on a warm color and without redness. The hair may have some traces of auburn or golden hue, while the sclera of the eyes (more simply the white part around the iris) is usually ivory, it is never entirely white.
Finally, the color of the veins can also be checked, even if it is not as decisive as the color of the sclera of the eye: those with a warm undertone will have veins tending to green. Characteristics of the undertone of the cold skin
On the contrary, those with a cold undertone of the skin have a skin tending to pink, prone to redness and that tans more difficult. The hair can be both light and dark: it therefore ranges from ash blonde, to brown, up to black hair with blue reflections.
The sclera of the eye is usually very white and creates a splendid contrast when the iris is dark, while it is decidedly glacial with a light iris. Finally, if the undertone of the skin is cold, the veins tend to be blue / purple. How to best enhance the undertone
Once you have defined whether your undertone is warm or cold, you can choose the right make-up and clothing shades, which enhance your image. The first thing to know is that the undertone of the skin does not change according to the seasons: it is true that in summer we tend to be more tanned, while in winter we are lighter, but this has nothing to do with the undertone. The colors for those with a warm undertone
The colors that best suit a warm undertone are those related to the earth such as cream, beige, powder pink, camel, but also brighter colors such as coral red, yellow, orange, emerald green, rust color, dark green, brown and purple.
I’mon the other hand, cold colors such as black and fluorescent colors should be avoided. The same also applies to make-up and in particular to the choice of lipstick and eye shadows: colors such as coral red, yellow and pink are preferred. Finally, those who have skin with a warm undertone tending to yellow, the favorite hair color must be auburn or golden. Colors for those with a cold undertone
On the contrary, those with a cold undertonehe will have to choose cold colors such as white, black, sand, gray, electric blue, fuchsia, lemon yellow, navy blue, dark brown and burgundy. So nothing that leads back to the warm colors of the earth, such as the typically autumnal ones. As for accessories, materials such as white gold, silver or platinum are preferred.
However, many do not know that there is also a neutral undertone , which therefore combines hot and cold, making a mix of the two. However, this combination is very rare, as it usually tends more and more towards heat or cold. Why it is important to know the undertone
First of all for the choice of make-up, especially foundation and lipstick. The right foundation neutralizes and blends perfectly with the skin, without creating unpleasant contrasts. Surely you are getting the wrong shade when you apply the foundation and the effect is too yellow or too pink. The test is important to do it on the neck, as the face may not be perfectly clean or may have a slightly different color than the rest of the body.
The same thing happens for lipstick: warm shades like orange enhance the face of a person with a warm undertone, while they are duller and less harmonious on those with a cold undertone.
If you are having difficulty understanding which category you belong to, there are some smartphone appsthat allow you to make an accurate analysis of the face to better understand your shades. Among these are Beautiful Me by Modiface and TroveSkin, a special virtual coach to analyze and monitor skin progress. The undertone of VIPs
If you are looking for inspiration to understand the difference between warm and cold undertones , perhaps it may be useful to know which category some VIPs belong to, in order to analyze their characteristics. This will also make you understand that the color and tone of the skin have absolutely nothing to do with the undertone. Winona Rider has dark hair, dark eyes and a fair complexion: her undertone and her cold. Jessica Alba , on the other hand, has a decidedly warm undertone. In reverse,Megan Fox has a cool undertone, despite having a medium complexion. The two stars Naomi Campbell and Beyonce have the former a cool undertone, while the latter has it warm, despite both having a dark complexion.
Jennifer Lopez has a warm undertone, on the contrary Courtney Cox has a cold one, while if you are looking for an example of a mixed undertone and certainly Natalie Portman. Jessica Biel
also has a mixed undertone, but leans towards warm, while Meryl Streep is definitely warm .
Finally there are two examples of fair complexions, with equally light hair: Blake Lively has a warm undertone with golden skin, while Gwyneth Paltrowand clearly cold with a rosy complexion.
In general, it is important to know your skin in order to always feel your best and self-confident. It is therefore sufficient to train your observation skills in order to better understand your undertone. Otherwise, you can always ask for the opinion of an expert , in this case specifically of a color chartist who is often also a personal image consultant: her experience will be able to guide you in the knowledge of your shades, to always choose the more captivating looks.

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