The causes of blemishes are not to be found where they appear. They are often linked to malnutrition , bad habits and stress . But what can we do to take care of our skin and make it brighter , healthier and more beautiful

Here are 10 simple rules to follow to combat skin imperfections, for the well-being and beauty of the skin!

1) Stop smoking
Cigarette smoking affects many metabolic and physiological processes , among these there is also the regeneration of skin cells . Furthermore, it does not only negatively affect the production of new cells , but damages those already existing and makes them more vulnerable to external agents , making the skin a duller complexion. 2) Walk half an hour a day Physical activity is a panacea not only for the skin, but for the whole organism. Thanks to movement, the regenerative functions of the tissues are stimulated and the skin can also benefit from this regenerative action. Plus the movement

keeps the skin supple and toned.

3) Avoid alcohol abuse
Among the many problems that alcohol abuse can cause is that of dehydration and the skin is one of the organs to be affected most. In fact, dry skin is more sensitive to any injuries and infections, making it more likely the onset of blemishes. 4) Supplemented with vitamin C Ascorbic acid is essential in the production of collagen , the protein that makes up the connective tissue of the whole organism and also of the skin. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to

peeling of the skin, as well as serious organ complications . 5) Integrated with marine collagen Marine
collagen is an excellent solution to keep the skin young and radiant . You can try collagen supplements that counteract the onset of wrinkles on the face, skin spots and stimulate the renewal of skin cells . 6) Don’t abuse sugars

Eating too much sucrose
-containing foods leads to the appearance of pimples and blackheads on the face and skin, as well as inducing the production of oily dandruff . Avoid sweets and high calorie foods and you will see improved skin and hair health . 7) Regularize sleep
The body needs regular rest to keep many organic functions in good health . During sleep , many cells in the body are renewed and many physiological processes are ignited, including

production of immune system lymphocytes . _ Not getting enough rest leads to a slower immune response , favoring the action of pathogens on the skin and free radicals , which are the main causes of premature skin aging . 8) Keep your skin clean
Hygiene is essential for the aesthetics of the skin . It keeps away the external factors that can cause blemishes and damage the fabric

cutaneous , but above all choose products that respect the PH of the skin , that are not aggressive and that are of natural origin! 9) Beware of city smog
The air of our cities is full of harmful substances caused by city traffic . Among these there are many greenhouse gases that dehydrate the skin and damage the surface layers. Furthermore, these gases are bad for the whole organism. Avoid crossing the traffic-flooded areas of the city and spend free time in green areas

and in urban parks . 10) Avoid exposing your skin to cold
Winter cold is a major cause of skin irritation. Use products that hydrate the skin and protect it from dehydration, supplementing it with nutrients necessary for the well -being and health of the skin .

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