Proud of their sensual and beautiful shapes : they are the curvy women who in recent years have conquered the world of fashion, parading on the catwalk and transforming stereotypes.
From size 50 to 46, passing through 44, over the years the fashion system has also allowed curvy women to pose on the covers of the most famous magazines and wear the creations of stylists.
A real revolution made by models and courageous women like Ashley Graham, a top with “normal” measurements (one meter and 76 by 91 kg) that has always preached the need to love oneself and one’s body without pursuing perfection. But what it really means to be curvy and who are the curvy women that are talked about so much
Let’s try to find out together.
Stretch fabrics and neutral colors for curvy women – Source: 123rf Curvy women: what it means
What does the term curvy mean
This English word means “curvy” . Contrary to what many think, we are not talking about an overweight woman, but with a normal build and in perfect health, that she is proud of her shapes and she knows how to make the most of them. The question that many people ask is what size a curvy woman wears. Usually it goes from 46 up to 52 according to the physicality of each one and to individual needs.
Identifying curvy girls is not difficult: they often have a slim waist, large breasts and generous hips, but most of all they are proud of their beauty and feel comfortable with their bodies.
Style tips for curvy women: soft and sexy dresses – Source: 123rf Curvy women: the most famous Italian and foreign models
Over the years the world of fashion has been conquered by curvy models who are more and more numerous and influential, especially thanks to message they convey. In Italy there are several agencies dedicated to these top models. To be a plus size, however, it is necessary to have some requirements.
First of all a height between 1.75 and 1.80 metersto be able to parade on the catwalk, while for photo shoots the measurements drop to 1.70 meters. The sizes, as mentioned, range from 46 to 50, while as regards the measures the breast circumference must be between 100-110 cm, the waist circumference between 75-90 cm, while the hip circumference between 100-110 cm.
What is the age of curvy models
They are usually around 25 years old, although in the last period there is a lot of demand also for the over 30s. These data suggest that there is greater flexibility compared to the world of “standard” fashion. Obviously, two fundamental requirements cannot be missing: aptitude to be on the catwalk and good posture.
If you want to be inspired you can discover the Instagram profiles and photos of the most famous curvy models in the world. The most famous is undoubtedly Ashley Graham , famous for her bikini and lingerie shows and for refusing to use Photoshop in her photos. Among the top plus sizes we find Candice Huffine, star of the Pirelli calendar in 2015 and class of 1984. Then we find Jennie Runk , the new plus size queen, who achieved success thanks to an advertisement for H&M.
Even in Italy, there are several very popular curvy models. For example Elisa D’Ospina , a splendid size 48 which, in addition to parading and posing for photo shoots, also fights against the eating disorders of very young girls. Gorgeous as wellPaola Torrente , who came second in the 2016 edition of Miss Italy thanks to her size 46 and a large dose of femininity. Super positive and size 48, Laura Brioschi is a very active plus size top on social media. Her motto
“Get better as you can, but she learns to like you. Beloved “. Curvy women: how to dress
How curvy women dress
Fashion in this case is a concentrate of femininity and comfort. In fact, the garments must highlight the curves, support them and emphasize them at the same time. An important role is played by lingerie: sexy and conforming. On the other hand, to be beautiful it is not necessary to wear a size 38,just follow some tips and enhance your strengths, hiding the critical ones.
Better to avoid stretch fabrics, knit and jersey , as well as corduroy, wide space for silk and soft materials, which highlight without crushing. For the colors yes to black, as well as to gray, brown and dark blue. Green and burgundy in winter are also excellent, while orange, purple and turquoise are good in summer.

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