At this point in the year, many of us are already preparing our list of gifts for Christmas. Original gifts, sustainable gifts and, why not, sexual gifts. 2020 has been a particularly difficult year for everyone, full of changes, both in personal and work life. Unsurprisingly, all these changes have also affected our sex lives .
Sexual relations, in many cases, have been drastically reduced and in many others, on the contrary, it has been an escape valve for the difficult situation we are facing. At least that’s what a study by the sexual wellness company reveals.Have. This study reveals that 8 out of 10 Spaniards felt that sexual pleasure helped them feel better or acted as a form of self-care during isolation. In addition, 32% of those surveyed claim to have masturbated more frequently during the quarantine, which is why sex toys are presented as one of the most original options to give as gifts this Christmas.
Even though sex toysseem to be reserved exclusively for women, there is also a wide catalog of male sex toys that can become the star gift this Christmas. If we women have the clitoris sucker among our favorite sex toys and we have already experimented with other toys that are also very stimulating, men are not far behind either.
According to the self-pleasure barometer carried out by Tenga, and after the isolation situation, 76% of Spaniards feel comfortable talking about sex toys with their partnerand 63% also with their friends. In fact, during confinement, 10% bought an additional toy, taking advantage of spending more time at home. This year has certainly shown that many used masturbation as a way to overcome stress. Self-pleasure is also self-care and what better way to care than to give a male erotic toy for Christmas .

A sex toy that stimulates and sucks

Its hourglass shape and its special valves make the Original Vacuum CUP provide a fantastic suction experience , while its exclusive internal details cause great stimulation. Break the rules and give this year pleasure with all five senses. Get yourself this Christmas with the Original Vacuum CUP.
*Price: €11.24
*Price may vary

A sex toy that offers a sensation of vacuum suction

An update of the famous CUP Style with the new Reusable Vacuum CUP with AIR-TECH technology. It now has a removable sleeve for cleaning and an innovative airflow structure for an even better vacuum suction sensation .Discover the sensations of aerostimulation to your boy by giving this Christmas the Reusable Vacuum CUP Regular.
*Price: €18.02
*Price may vary

A sex toy that bets on internal movement

Do you dare to try new sensations
Its internal spiral system allows the Spinner to rotate when you are inside andCreate amazing effects with every move . Whoever uses it can enjoy sensations like never before experienced. That is why the Spinner is a good Christmas gift option for your boy so that you can enjoy it as a couple.
*Price: €29.60
*Price may vary

A sex toy that adapts sensations to needs

Thanks to its new technique in manufacturing methods, the floating parts integrated in the soft crysta elastomer create a totally new experience. Adapt the sensations by simply adjusting the strength and grip points. It is a sex toy with which to discover a form of pleasure that changes continuously .
*Price: €37.94
*Price may vary

A sex toy that is based on geometry

The exterior of the Tenga Geo features intricate details inspired by mathematics and nature. Flip the Geo over and these geometric shapes will transform into high-density internal details. In addition, thanks to its soft and thick material, the man will be able to fully enjoy the sensations of these intricate details.
*Price: €45.00
*Price may vary

A sex toy that creates the effect of a vacuum

With the highest quality materials and the most modern technology, Tenga presents the latest in technology for male pleasure. Its jointless insertion point prevents lubricant leaksand allows the formation of a powerful vacuum through a one-way valve. Thanks to the easy-open function, Flip, which is what this erotic toy is called, allows perfect cleaning to be able to reuse the product.
*Price: €64.49
*Price may vary

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