The return to the routine in September is full of a thousand emotions, reunions, new projects , renewed spirits and autumn trends… One of the things that motivates us the most to face the return to work with enthusiasm is to think about the office looks that we will wear this fall 2021 . Surely, some of the autumn trends of the new season will be our downfall (like every year) and we will end up surrendering to low-rise jeans, hot pants and marked shoulders, as those who know the most about style have already done. Although there will always be a privileged space for our favorite jeans and shirts.
Despite the many new trends in fashion this fall, every September with the return to the office, the basics once again record their reign. It makes you sad to get rid of all those clothes that seem to be out of fashion, but what you don’t know is that the office is the ideal place to reinvent your looks with clothes from past seasons . The key lies in copying trending outfits with clothes that you already have in your closet .
The world of fashion gives us the opportunity to reflect with our looks how we feel at all times, but this does not have to mean that we go crazy redoing our wardrobe every season. That flower dress from three springs ago, that white shirtthat you no longer know what to combine with… The office this autumn becomes the perfect setting to parade your most stylish looks using what you already have in your closet.
To make it easy for you to reinvent your most forgotten clothes, we offer you the six looks that you can copy to return to work in September, without giving up being the most fashionable in the office and without spending a single euro.

The flower dress, the look to prolong the summer at the office

Recover your long flower dress, add a belt or roll up the sleeves . You will feel that it is a completely different one. As happens on many occasions, the secret to an impressive look lies in the accessories, so don’t be afraid to pair your flowery dress with big, statement earrings, headbands, or scarves. This autumn the mixture of prints will be one of the most seen trends, dare to combine flowers with gingham checks, geometric or striped fabrics , and you will triumph on your return to the office.

Sequins and more sequins, the look of those who are not afraid to shine

One of the trends that is going strong this autumn 2021 are sequins, especially in dark-colored garments such as black or navy blue. It’s time to dust off the blazer or dress from that New Year’s Eve five years ago (there is nothing more courageous than buying a garment for a single wear) and renew its use. Forcontrast the party and night touch of sequins add basic garments that you already have in your wardrobe, plain t-shirts or jeans. This way you will create a trendy look and suitable for the office at the same time. The sequins will take all the attention of your look, skimp on accessories.

Low-rise jeans, the choice of those who yearn for the 2000

If you never got to throw away your favorite low-rise jeans , this fall you are in luck. The reign of jeans above the navel has lasted too long and this season the most representative trends of the 2000s want to reign in our wardrobes again : the Bratz aesthetic, the presence of butterflies in all garments, and of course, low-rise jeans. The best
You can combine them with t-shirts, blouses, tops… September is the ideal month to re-release jeans and become the most stylish in your office .

Skinny jeans and a blazer, the look of the most classic girls

If you are tired of mom jeans, baggy jeans and boyfriend jeans… that is to say, wide and masculine style jeans, this autumn is the ideal time to recover your skinny jeans . Low-waisted, straight cut, with a satin finish, black, with rips… whatever it may be, skinny jeans are back as a trend this fall 2021 . Jeans and blazer have never made such a good combination. You’ll return to the office the best dressed and thank your past self for sticking with your favorite skinny jeans.

Monochrome look, back in September in the most daring way

White, green, pink… choose the one you like the most and dare to wear several garments of the same color . It does not matter that they are not the same shade, focus on a palette and let your imagination run wild. Use the month of September to discover which monochrome looks suit you best , you will end up being the envy of the office. The choice of accessories is essential, opt for bags and shoes in the same shades to finish off your total monochrome look, or dare to stand out by adding colors from other color ranges .

Long denim overalls, the choice of those who are always in a hurry

Stand out in September by returning to the office wearing your denim overalls. Yes, yes, as you read it. This autumn is the perfect time to rescue this basic from the 90s , the most comfortable and versatile garment that will make it easier for you to choose the outfit on the busiest mornings. With a striped shirt, with a white shirt, with a crop top… you just have to choose your favorite style and opt for sneakers for a sporty and casual style, or sandals with platforms if you are looking for a more elegant look.

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