The Feria del Pilar de Zaragoza, which will be held from today until October 16, consists of six bullfights, one with rejones and two bullfights with picks. In its programming there is a preponderance of Andalusian bullfighters, with four bullfighters -Juan Jose Padilla, Morante de la Puebla, El Fandi and Javier Jimenez- and two bullfighters -Pablo Aguado and Rafael Serna-. The posters are:
Saturday, October 8. Steers from Los Manos for Pablo Aguado, Jorge Isiegas and Adrien Salenc.
Sunday 9. Bulls from La Quinta for Rafael Rubio Rafaelillo, Ricardo Torres and Alberto Alvarez.
Monday 10. Bulls from Fuente Ymbro for Ivan Fandino, Joselito Adame and Javier Jimenez.
Tuesday 11. Bulls by Juan Pedro Domecq for Enrique Ponce, Cayetano and Alberto Lopez Simon.
Wednesday 12. Victoriano del Rio bulls for Juan Bautista, David Fandila El Fandi and David Mora.
Thursday 13. Steers from El Cahoso for Leo Valadez, Andy Younes and Rafael Serna.
Friday 14. Bulls by Daniel Ruiz for Miguel Angel Perera, Jose Garrido and Gines Marin.
Saturday 15. Bulls from Nunez del Cuvillo for Juan Jose Padilla, Jose Antonio Morante de la Puebla and Alejandro Talavante.
Sunday 16. Bulls of Fermin Bohorquez for bullfighters Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Lea Vicens and Perez Langa, who will take the alternative.
In addition to the first celebration of the Pilar Fair, three shows will be held today in Andalucia: a bullfight in Montoro, a bullfight in Utrera and a festival in Higuera de la Sierra.
In the Cordoba square of Montoro, in a mixed celebration, bullfighters Juan Jose Padilla and El Fandi and bullfighter Javier Moreno Lagartijo will fight cattle from Jaralta.
In the Sevillian square of Utrera, the bullfighter Miguel Falcon will face four utreros from Los Azores in a mixed celebration in which the rejoneador Alejandro Rodriguez will first fight an Arucci steer.
And the town of Higuera de la Sierra celebrates its traditional festival with the rejoneador Juan Manuel Fernandez and the bullfighters Salvador Cortes and Oliva Soto, who will fight five cattle belonging to Juan Pedro Domecq.
For its part, the Pinzoniana bullfight will be held tomorrow in the Huelva bullring of Palos de la Frontera with Juan Jose Padilla, Fortes and David de Miranda, who will fight bulls from the Las Monjas ranch. In the Malaga square of Fuengirola Juan Bautista, David Galan and Joaquin Galdos will fight bulls from Hermanos Sanchez Herrera. And in the Granada bullring of La Peza, bullfighters Miguel Angel Pacheco and Mario Sotos will deal with cattle with Sorando’s iron.
As a finishing touch to the season and during the next weekend, the Fair of San Lucas de Jaen will be held, whose posters are as follows:
Saturday, October 15. Bulls from the Nunez de Tarifa ranch for Curro Diaz, David Mora and Jimenez Fortes.
Sunday October 16. Albarreal bulls for bullfighters Rui Fernandes, Diego Ventura and Leonardo Hernandez.

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