There is nothing more seductive than a defined, strong and penetrating look . To do this, having long and strong eyelashes as well as thick and defined eyebrows are key elements to enhance our look.Normally, we use all kinds of mascaras and cosmetic products to grow our eyelashes or to mark our eyebrows well. However, the effects are temporary and, in excess, can cause the opposite effect and cause them to weaken.
Although the geneticshealth, age or hormonal changes can influence the size of our eyelashes, it is true that we can take care of them and get longer, healthier and stronger eyelashes. Also, if we have gone too far with the tweezers and the consequences do not let your eyebrow grow as you would like, keep in mind the advice that we tell you here.
You should know that these cares are necessary not only for aesthetics, but also for health issues (eyelashes play a protective role). Below, we leave you tricks to make your eyelashes grow and keep them strong and hydrated and to get lashes again. thick eyebrows. The best
Naturally and from home.


1. Maintain a balanced diet
As they say out there, “you are what you eat”, and this is reflected in every part of your body. Maintaining a balanced diet with a good amount of vegetables, fruits and protein sources is the best thing you can do to keep your metabolism regulated and grow eyelashes. These foods provide you with vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, E and H, antioxidants and omega-3, which promote the growth of eyelashes (and hair!) and strengthen them.
There are very effective natural remedies, such as olive oil.Thanks to the contribution of vitamin E , it helps hair grow healthy and strong. To make your eyelashes look long, and have more volume, you just have to put a little olive oil on a cotton disk(always cotton that does not release particles) and apply it to the eyelashes very carefully.

2. Aloe vera, green tea or lip Vaseline

These ingredients are also very effective in making eyelashes grow, and their application is similar to that of olive oil. Although it is a bit uncomfortable, try to sleep with any of these ingredients applied to your eyelashes, and rinse well with warm water the next day . Repeat the operation at least twice a week for a couple of months.

3. Castor oil

This oil is one of the most effective and healthy remedies to take care of our eyelashes. Naturally lengthens and strengthens your eyelashes. To apply it, spread a little of this oil on a cottonand pass it, gently, through your eyelashes before going to sleep . Repeat this processdailyand in a few weeks you will notice the difference.

4. Brush the eyelashes

Just as we brush our hair, we can brush our eyelashes daily with a small brush from a worn mascara. There are also special eyelash and eyebrow brushes that can be purchased.



great moisturizing power repairs damaged tissues of the body, in this case the eyebrows. In addition, it conditions the eyebrows to help them grow naturally.
It is important to apply petroleum jelly on a daily basis to get results. The ideal is to incorporate this treatment into your night routine so that it takes effect while you sleep . let me do

effect overnight and the next morning rinse with lukewarm water .

2. Almond

oil Almond oil has a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential for the regeneration of skin, hair and nails. So this oil has different applications.
Like castor oil, it can be applied alone or mixed with other essential oils such as coconut, castor or olive oil.

3. Onion

Onion has numerous properties to make hair grow. In fact, onion shampoo is highly recommended for hair growth, care and strengthening.Sulfur from onion juiceHelps stimulate eyebrow growth by increasing blood circulation in the area.
On this occasion, we cut a slice of onion and rub it on the eyebrow. It is important that you make sure that nothing falls into the eye. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water .

4. Don’t pluck your eyebrows too often .
One of the most common mistakes is plucking the eyebrows more than necessary. Doing it once a week to remove small hairs is enough. Brush them every day to encourage hair to grow in the right direction.

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