We wanted (who was going to tell us) that the temperatures would finally drop so we could start wearing the basic autumn clothes that have been stored in a corner of the closet for so long. Although, what we most wanted was to be able to wear (finally) the most ideal short dresses with those super trendy boots that we signed a month ago and we still haven’t had the chance to wear them.
Although we have always said that having a midi dress is a guarantee of success, this fall we have a new addition that has already been postulated as the revelation and flattering trend . As you may have guessed, we are talking about short dresses and high boots, the most ideal, groundbreaking and cool combination of autumn 2021 and for which we were looking forward to lower temperatures.
Although, now that we can finally combine our short dresses with high boots , we have doubts about how to do it to mark the autumn look . Calm down, we have prepared a selection of looks with short dresses and high boots so that you are clear about how to wear the revelation and most flattering trend of autumn 2021 . Ready to get yours

We are very clear about our favorite look with a short dress and high boots.

Look with XXL sweater as a dress and cowboy boots
Who has not put on an XXL sweater as a dress to be at home

It is time to give more life to that oversize sweater that suits us so well and bet on combining it with high cowboy-type boots and marking the most cool look of autumn. Also comfortable and warm.

Look with super short dress, high boots, biker and hat

Giving a rocker point to that short dress in light colors has never been as simple as it is now. You just have to combine it like Dulceida, with cowboy boots, a biker jacket and a hat, and be the true queen of autumn.

Look with a short flowered dress and high but flat boots
It is clear that this autumn short dresses are printed, especially if they are floral. If you are one of those who wear a dress throughout the autumn and you are looking for a comfortable but sophisticated look, combine your short floral dress with high but flat boots.

Look with a short American-style dress and track boots

These are two super trends that are on the rise this fall, although we would never have thought of combining them with each other. That is why this look proposal seems so groundbreaking to us, because it takes the sophistication of an American-style dress and gives it a super grunge touch with military-style track boots.

Look with short dress, parka and high boots
The classic of the classics of all autumns. It is always a success to combine a short dress, if it is with an evase cut, better, with high cowboy boots and the eternal green parka that we all have in the bottom of the wardrobe.

Look with dress, cardigan and high boots

Comfort, as we have learned this year, is not incompatible with elegance. Although this look proposal, more than elegant, has rollazo and that is what we really love about it. With a very comfy aesthetic, the idea of ​​combining that short dress with a cardigan and high boots seems perfect as an autumn uniform.

Look with short floral dress, ankle boots and biker
Another classic of all autumn, that’s why we like it so much. The combination of a super short and printed dress like the one in the image with a biker jacket and ankle boots seems perfect to us to bet on it in daily looks.

Look with short print dress and ecru boot

There are dresses that, due to their cut, workmanship or print, invite us to think that we can only combine them with one type of shoe. This is the case of this one that Amelia Bono wears, which has a magnet for high heels. But no, this autumn we recommend that you combine it with raw boots and make a difference.

Look with short dress and high boots, all black
There is nothing better than a total black look. We recommend that you do like Paula Echevarria and combine your short black dress with high boots that are a little out of the ordinary, like a chlesea, for example. In this way, your total black look will have a brutal rollazo. If you are daring, get yourself a hat and add some color to it with your bag.

Look with short dress and high boots, also in black

Another version of the total black look. On this occasion, the short dress and high boots are combined with a slightly oversize biker jacket and the difference is made by the belt that breaks with the monochrome.

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