Portraying on the walls portrays silhouettes of women wrapped in hijab as they play, sing, dance, observe the city, to reaffirm their right to express themselves as human beings. This is the artistic expression that distinguishes Shamsia Hassani, born in 1988, the first Afghan street artist. “I want to color the bad memories of the war,” Hassani said in an interview with Art Radar, “and if you remember these bad memories, then I erase the war from people’s minds. I want to make Afghanistan famous for its art, not for its war ”. Her art returns to take on even more relevance and power than denounces today, the days of the Taliban invasion of Kabul and concern for the situation of women in Afghanistan.
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The women represented by Shamsia Hassani exude grace and femininity and are not passive subjects. They are ethereal and dreamy characters who show an ideal of a woman far removed from that promoted by the Taliban. “I want to show that women have returned to Afghan society in a new and stronger form,” Hassani told Art Radar. “It is not the woman who stays at home. And a new woman. A woman full of energy, who wants to start over ”. A woman that we hope will not lose those freedoms for which she had to fight hard in the last 20 years, before the return of the Taliban to the city.
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The writer born in Kabul commented on the latest sad developments linked to the Taliban conquest of Afghanistan, his homeland. The works of Shamsia Hassani
In a course organized in Kabul by Combat Communications in December 2010, Hassani learns the art of murals from Chu, an artist from the United Kingdom. Following this workshop she starts practicing street art on the walls of houses in the streets of Kabul. She adopts this art form because spray cans and stencils are much cheaper than traditional art supplies. “Nobody cares about us”, the message of an Afghan girl
The video of an Afghan girl who expresses her anguish over the world’s treatment of her country on Twitter has gone viral
One of her works on the walls of the capital’s cultural center is a woman wearing a burka sitting under a staircase. The inscription below reads “Water can return to a barren river, but what happens to dead fish
“. She finishes her work quickly, in 15 minutes, to avoid harassment, and declares that her work is not Islamic. She claims that with her work she wants to oppose the oppression of Afghan women in their society.
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Hassani presents his work in digital format through the project entitled Dreaming Graffiti. She then presents a series in which she paints or photographs colors and images on digital photos to explore personal and national security issues. You popularized “street art” on the streets of Kabul. You exhibit your digital art and street art in India, Iran, Germany, Italy and Switzerland and in the diplomatic missions of Kabul.
On 14 June 2013 he created a mural fresco at the Geneva Workers’ Union, in the Grottes district, with migrant women who were victims of violence and hospitalized in reception centers. In June 2013, Shamsa also traveled to Zurich as part of the activities of the Rote Fabrik cultural center. In 2014, Hassani is a finalist for the Artraker prize with her project The magic of art and the magic of life. The same year she was named one of the 100 members of the global thinkers.
In her latest work, published a few days ago and entitled “Death to Darkness”, the vase with “hope” falls. But it’s not broken. There is still a chance to collect it. And this is exactly what Shamsia Hassani hopes for, a work that is also a prayer for help for her people, for women so that they do not give up their freedom.
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