As has been announced since the beginning of the year, one of the most groundbreaking and explosive series of the late 90s returns to the small screen to make our hearts beat again with nostalgia and emotion.

‘And just like that…’ is the new title of this reboot that features the participation of three of the four glorious protagonists of this memorable production. As announced a few months ago, we will be able to see Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis). Actresses who, according to the magazine ‘Variety’, could earn up to a million dollarsper episode.
The unmistakable Samantha Jones played by Kim Catrall will not be part of this cast, making the most loyal fans of the series a little sad, but nothing can end the illusion of seeing our now favorite fifties stroll through the streets of New York.
Although there is no doubt that the nerves are on the surface to have more information about this long-awaited production. The last update has taken place these days when several images of the shooting of the series have come to light where we have been able to see our beloved Mr Big and Carrie together .
These days there has been the recording of some episodes through the streets of New Yorkwhat has allowed to immortalize some scenes of the protagonists.
In the snapshots we can see Sarah Jessica Parker with an incredible set consisting of a black shirt, a polka dot skirt and the company of a headdress. On the other hand, Chris North appears with an elegant suit jacket in line with what we have seen in the series. Both spectacular .
The wait to view this reunion that will consist of 10 episodes and that will make us transport ourselves twenty years ago with a mixture of longing and happiness is getting longer and longer.

Large absences and new additions
It is obvious that everyone is asking the same question, why doesn’t Samantha return to the reunion

After much speculation and theory, finally the reason why Kim Cattrall does not participate in the reboot is none other than her bad relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker .
Despite being one of the most loved and acclaimed characters by the audience, she has not been reason enough to want to participate in the long-awaited series.
Although on the small screen Samantha and Carrie were almost like sisters , the reality is that the actresses have not spoken practically since the filming of the second season. Showing a strictly professional relationship .
On the other hand, this revival brings with it some new faces that will join the classic cast of Sex and the City.
The production will feature the interpretation of Sara Ramirez , known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy and also Sarita Choudhury (Homeland).

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