Seville – Celtic | Proper names
Tecatito Corona, at the time of suffering the injury in a bad support.

Tecatito Corona does things that good fans appreciate

Francisco Jose Ortega
Perhaps the Mexican lacks physicality to endure the 90 minutes at the highest level, he even seems to struggle with the goal at the moment, but he has a lot of quality. The chronicle of Seville-Celta.
Sevilla FC
Hugo Mallo and Jordan fight for a ball in the Celta-Sevilla League match.

Sevilla – Celta: schedule and where to watch the League match on TV

Alfonso Salas
The rojiblanco team arrives from a 1-1 draw at Mestalla. Sevilla returns the money from the derby tickets to its subscribers.
Valencia – Seville
Pablo Sanz gives an order with Oliver Torres in the foreground.

Pablo Sanz: “We have stopped winning two points”

Sevilla’s assistant coach, head coach at Mestalla in the absence of Lopetegui, believes that his men were “superior” and deserved “more for what happened on the pitch.” This is how we count Valencia-Sevilla: I lack punch. Lopetegui and Augustinsson stayed at the hotel despite testing negative for Covid.
Sevilla FC
Diego Carlos harasses Musah in a match match at Mestalla.

Valencia-Sevilla in the League, live (1-1): Final, missing hit at Mestalla

Sevilla took the lead with many casualties with Diakhaby’s own goal and Guedes equalized just before half-time. Lopetegui and Augustinsson test negative but stay at the hotel due to Covid symptoms. The previous one: A sweet hand balm. Fernando and Javi Diaz travel to Valencia, Dmitrovic and Kounde stay on land.
Valencia – Seville
Diego Carlos and Fernando get off the bus before flying to Valencia.

The preview: A sweet hand balm

Eduardo Florido
Sevilla must shake off the derby sulk to attack the Mestalla hornet’s nest, where the candy awaits to be two points behind leader Madrid. Fernando and Javi Diaz travel to Valencia, Dmitrovic and Kounde stay on land. Diego Carlos communicates that he wants to go to Newcastle, according to Sky News.
Valencia – Sevilla
Lopetegui, when entering the press room in the sports city.

Lopetegui: “The accounts are simple, the difficult thing is Valencia in a historic stadium”

Waiting for Dmitrovic, the coach completely turns the page on the derby and focuses on recovering “soldiers” for the battle with Valencia, “a very difficult rival “. Official: Oscar Rodriguez, on loan to Getafe until the end of the season. Joan Jordan returns to training after her observation period.
Sevilla FC
Rakitic celebrates a Sevilla FC goal.
Valencia CF – Sevilla FC: schedule and where to watch the Alfonso Salas

League match on TV
Chronicle of the butler derby in which Sevilla was eliminated. This is how the Sevilla footballers played the Round of 16 match.
The Sevillan derby
Lopetegui talks with Pellegrini at the end of the match.

Lopetegui: “We could not have presented ourselves; justice is useless”

The Sevilla coach explodes in the press room. “Let fellow professionals focus on something else… Either I condemn or I don’t condemn. Joan Jordan arrived at the hospital with 16.13 blood pressure.” The talks of Monchi and Pellegrini.
Betis – Seville | The Lopetegui Cup derby
accesses the press room of the Jesus Navas Stadium followed by the director of communication, Jesus Gomez.

Lopetegui: “We hope that Tecatito can help us in the derby”
E. Florido
The Sevilla coach does not rule out that the recently landed signing will participate in a “complex, difficult, demanding and very nice game” against a “great team like Betis”. Tecatito Corona wants to feel like an overflow footballer again.
Sevilla FC
Tecatito poses for the club’s media with the shirt he will wear at Sevilla.

Tecatito Corona wants to feel like an overflow footballer again

Eduardo Florido
The Mexican was chosen in 2020 as the best player in Portugal, after giving 21 assists in 19-20. With Lopetegui he began his rise and scored his highest number of goals in Porto: 8. Tecatito arrives with his family to sign for Sevilla with everything closed.

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