They were relegated solely and exclusively to the sports field. But for some time now, sneakers have been gaining more and more prominence to become the preferred footwear of almost all women. TV presenters like Toni Moreno have incorporated them into their looks on the small screen and sophisticated actresses like Blanca Suarez have used them to step on the red carpet. It is not that this means the decline of high-heeled shoes, it is that it is time to claim the sports shoe as the most versatile footwear, comfortable and functional history. Record the ones you like the most and combine them with whatever your style is. Forget conventionalisms and make sneakers your star footwear.

With a knitted skirt

Knitting is a fabric that has gained special prominence this season. A skirt with this fabric, combined with a shirt, screams for you to put on some sneakers. In this style you can bet on more conventional shoes , Converse type. It is a very casual style that you can use to go to the office or for a meeting with friends.

With a pleated skirt

If you have not yet succumbed to the fashion of pleated skirts, this is your moment. Fifties cut and with a pleated effect that gives themelegance and sophistication , this type of skirts were born to be combined with a thousand and one shoes. Therefore, it is not necessary to resort to heels to create a great look, sports shoes are perfect for this type of garment. As the desired effect when including the sneakers in the look is casual, opt for an oversize sweater that emphasizes the casual touch.

With leather jacket and vaporous skirt

In any outfit worth its salt, if there is a leather jacket, the style is assured. It has always been a basic garment in all wardrobes but, taking advantage of the fact that this season leather is a trend, get one and don’t hesitate to combine it with a flowing skirt and sports shoes. It doesn’t have to be a midi skirt, you can bet on a long skirt.

With a dress

If the shoes pass the test of the skirts, it is evident that they also pass the test of the dresses. Don’t be fooled by the informality of these shoes because they combine with dresses with all kinds of lengths , fabrics and prints. A good combination is a shirt dress, a leather jacket (confirmed as a wardrobe staple) and sneakers. The Vans type (bet on color) combine perfectly with this outfit.

With a suit jacket

If Blanca Suarez combines her oversize jacket with sneakers to step on the red carpet, why don’t you go for a style with a suit jacket and your sneakers
The suit jacketsmen’s cut is a trend increasingly on the rise. Ideal to go to the office, for a meeting of friends or for a more formal event. Forget about combining your look with a high heel and bet on complementing it with sneakers. You choose if you prefer a more conventional cut or bet on a more groundbreaking style.

With culotte pants

Forget your prejudices with culotte pants. They are neither a garment reserved for tall women nor do you have to wear them with stilettos. Combine them with a t-shirt and leather jacket to add a touch to your look and bet on classic sneakers. This styling is very strong and is a perfect bet to go perfect to the office without losing a bit of glamour.

with maxi coat
We know that maxi coats are going to be a trend this season and what better way to wear them than with the most popular jeans (mom jeans) and retro sneakers. Your most casual look will be completely cool if you know how to combine these trends.

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