The plague returns this Friday with an extension of the stories lived in the first season and six new episodes on Movistar +. Everything happens five years later, and with a network of evil controlled by La Garduna, counterattacked from the council and in the midst of these struggles for power, the neighbors have to take sides and simply fight to survive.
As a key guide, these are the fundamental characters of the second season

Pontecorvo, the assistant

Federico Aguadoplays the new local Sevillian governor, with a long military career, willing to bring order to a city taken over by the La Garduna mafia. At whatever price, he sets out to eradicate the criminal gang while trying to make life easier for the inhabitants of the populous metropolis by reducing taxes, which in turn leads to other political confrontations.

Mateo, the common hero

Pablo Molinero recovers the character of the first season who investigated the roots of those who advocated the plague and went to America. He returns and due to his integrity, he will see them against the gangsters while helping Teresa in the work of helping refugee prostitutes.

Teresa, the woman before her time

Patricia Lopez Arnaizalready in the first season he had to face the lacerating humiliation of men. With his signature on the pictures he claimed while also assuming his company. Now you have the opportunity to help the exploited prostitutes in the city to rebuild their lives in America.

Flemish, forger

Julian Villagran joins as a Flemish artist, from Flanders. A virtuoso of the pencil but lacking in artistic talent, addicted to laudanum, a substance extracted from opium. He becomes the desire of all, who want to recruit him as an expert copyist of documents.

Baeza, the calculating

Jesus Carrozaincreases his presence in the series. Linked to the mancebia, the character surrounds himself with compadres hitmen to carry out his plans while keeping the prostitutes he always knows under control. His love is called Escalante, one of the prostitutes (played by Claudia Salas).

Valerio, the integrity

Sergio Castellanos is the son of Mateo, with whom he shared shocks and investigations on that tour of the Sevillian canerias of the first round. Now she has become a nobleman, running Teresa’s business, since as a woman she cannot appear in the documents. His generosity and dedication will continue to be the hallmark of his behavior.

Maria de la O, the hustler of the elite

Estefania de los SantosShe is the best connected black marketeer of that one. Ambitious, able to negotiate with everyone, knowledgeable about the underworld, she is a protégé of the nobility and is capable of anything.

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