More and more women are focusing on semi- permanent make – up to have a well-groomed and always perfect look. There is a lot of information about this treatment, but also a lot of prejudices and nobody knows what it really is.
The first thing to know is that, unlike the classic tattoo , it is absolutely not something permanent – as the name reveals – but has a limited duration, despite being quite long. In fact, the semi-permanent make-up does not act in depth , it is much less invasive and the products used are all certified and natural, which means that it is unlikely that you will have problems of intolerance or allergy .
The areas where you go to act are usually the eyes, highlighted by a makeup similar to eyeliner, the eyebrows, which are perfected and improved, or the lips, which are plumped and defined. Semi-permanent makeup is also often used on the cheeks and eyelids to create a blush and eye shadow effect. Semi-permanent make-up: what is the treatment and how it works
How semi-permanent make-up works
Basically a micropigmentation is carried out using a device that creates tiny holes under the skin in which a permanent pigmentation is injected. The products used are organic and natural.
Many women choose not to do this because they fear it will be painful. In reality there is only a slight discomfort and a slight pain, but it all depends on the pain threshold of each person, on the area of ​​the body and above all on the skill of the professional who carries out the treatment.
To carry out the operation it takes an average of 4 hours . Usually the duration depends on the type of skin, but it ranges from 4 to 8 years during which there is a deterioration of the micro-pigments, which are released into the epidermis.
The duration depends above all on the color of the pigment chosen and on the quality of the products used. Other important factors are sun exposure (which is not good for semi-permanent makeup at all) and the way your skin cells regenerate. To maintain the effect longer it is possible to carry out maintenance sessions.
The semi-permanent make-up for lips allows you to redefine the shape and color of the mouth , correcting asymmetries and giving volume thanks to a play of light and shadow. When the treatment is carried out on the eyes, a line is created around the eyes and the eyebrows are redrawn, to hide the points where they are not very thick.
Semi-permanent makeup also allows you to highlight moles and frecklesin particular points and make the lashes thicker. In this case the effect lasts just a month and the color applied is a special substance, which guarantees a very beautiful and natural result, which is often even better than the classic false eyelashes. Semi-permanent make-up: the risks and advantages
What are the advantages
First of all, the possibility of leaving the house without spending hours in front of the mirror to try to look more beautiful. In addition, semi-permanent make-up is especially suitable for people who suffer from make-up allergies, but also for those who want to hide skin imperfections and scars.
There are obviously also risks. Most of them involve infections that could be caused by needles. If the instruments are not sterilized in the right way, they can transmit contagious and dangerous diseases , such as hepatitis for example. Allergic reactions
should not be overlooked either . As we have already explained, the pigments are all natural and certified, so they rarely cause allergies. If they did, however, the disease would be difficult to treat because the product cannot be removed.
Other problems that can be encountered are granulomas and keloids. The former are characterized by the accumulation of leukocytes around the pigments. This happens because the body considers them foreign elements and acts accordingly, triggering a local inflammatory response. Keloids, on the other hand, are formations composed of scar tissue, born as a result of the trauma suffered by the skin . Finally, there is no lack of blisters, burns and cracks.
In any case, don’t be scared. The important thing is, as always, to contact a professional in the sector. In this way you will have the certainty of undergoing a safe treatment, making sure that the tools with which you perform the semi-permanent make-up are always sterilized. This way you will not only feel safer, but the treatment will last much longer.

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