Essentiality, lots of light and a pinch of austerity: these are some of the key elements of the Nordic style in design and furnishings that we see becoming increasingly popular also for its traditionally green soul. For several years now , Nordic design has set out to conquer the world , but in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland Nordic-style furnishings, which perfectly blend functionality and aesthetics , it was developed in its essential lines already in the fifties.
The difficult climatic conditions of these countries, in fact, characterized by very long and harsh winters and, often, by long periods of darkness, mean that the population seeks refuge in welcoming and warm homes, furnished with simple lines and resistant materials. For example, the famous concept of Hygge comes from Denmark , which indicates the enjoyment of the simple things in life but also the feeling of being at home, comfortable and at ease.
All this means that, to furnish in Nordic style, the attention is focused on materials of local origin, worked with great skill. The philosophy behind Nordic design is that of form at the service of function: hence the supreme importance given to the shapes, the natural characteristics of the materials and the functionality of furniture and furnishing accessories.
And here, then, that Scandinavian design has, little by little, really conquered all the countries, imposing itself thanks to its proverbial functionality but also for the aesthetic care taken in the creation of each single piece. Green and ecological: this is why Scandinavian design is so current
We live in a historical moment of great ferment from the point of view of ecology: we are continuously looking for functional and sustainable solutions for any area of ​​our life, including the furnishing of our homes.
For thisNordic design is back in fashion thanks to its ability to create excellent products with natural, zero-kilometer or even recycled materials. Scandinavians, in fact, are known for their bond and the very strong respect they have for nature which is also reflected in the style of furniture. In the Nordic style , for example, wood dominates, which is an absolutely non-toxic and ecological material that can also be recycled from waste from other processes, significantly reducing the impact on the environment. In general, in Nordic design, attention to recycling and the sustainability of materials is also synonymous with style. What are the essential features of Scandinavian designNordic design, we have seen, and devoted to functionality without forgetting the harmony of shapes and, all this, implies extreme care in the choice of ecological and efficient materials such as wood.
In addition to these characteristics, the Finnish design is characterized by the dominance of light colors and, in particular, of white . The scarcity of light in the countries of Northern Europe, in fact, means that the shades that favor brightness are preferred.
Furnishing in a Nordic style, however, also means loving contrasts, because darker colors often combine with white and beige, creating effects of great visual impact. And then again : clean lines and minimal design are another of the distinctive features of the Nordic stylewhich, precisely for this reason, is so simple to bring into our homes and to enrich with personalized details and details to make each room unique and essentially ours, the perfect mirror of the person who lives in the house. How to furnish in Nordic style with wood
We have seen how wood is an essential element in Finnish design, but how to choose the right wood and, above all, which treatments to prefer The Nordic style requires natural wood to be used, without too many chemical treatments or paints. The best thing would be to choose light woods, with many veins that remain visible and handcrafted in order to enhance all the characteristics. For example, a beautiful solid oak table with essential and square shapes that can be placed in the center of the room surrounded by white chairs and, perhaps, with a centerpiece that incorporates natural colors and shapes. Indeed, nature is the great protagonist of the Nordic style : reproducing the natural shapes and colors of the environment that surrounds us, exploiting the wisdom of nature to create solutions that are welcoming and functional at the same time. Wood, for Nordic design, also means sustainability. It was 2017 when the Lunds University School of Industrial Design presented the One step backward invitation in Stockholm. Two steps forward whose basic concept is to be inspired by ancient wisdom to trigger virtuous circles that lead to taking care of the environment. Among these there is certainly the habit of using materials from local resources that respect certain ethical criteria.
For example, there are many companies in Northern Europe that produce Nordic-style furniture and are committed to planting new trees for every piece of furniture made , precisely to protect the man-environment balance so dear to Scandinavian peoples.
Balance of form, functionality, care in the choice of materials and attention to the environment: these are the essential characteristics of Scandinavian design that we like and influence our way of furnishing and living the house.

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