Medicine advances and not only therapies change, but also the way in which doctors and patients relate, and that is that new technologies open up new possibilities that are yet to be exploited. For this reason, Mapfre wanted to be a pioneer in this sense through a new project that goes beyond health insurance: Savia .
More than an app, Savia is defined by its creators as a “digital platform for health services”, which allows the patient to be accompanied at all times, have a profile with all the information and quickly and easily access medical services. As Jose Manuel Inchausti exposes, CEO of Mapfre’s Iberian Regional Area “digitalization has changed everything, but especially health, and a new type of client has appeared who wants to self-manage freely 24 hours a day”.
In this way, from the Savia website, or from its associated app, the user can chat with doctors 24 hours a day, make appointments for video calls, obtain guidance through a symptom manager, and contract medical services such as consultations, x-rays or ultrasounds with a payment for service, without the need for private insurance.
In this regard, Pedro Diaz Yuste, director of Mapfre Salud Digital reflects that “in Spain there are 30 million people without health insurance, but they have specific needs”, which can be found on this platform. In fact, although similar initiatives already existed, in terms of teleconferences with professionals, or the payment of specific medical services, it is the first time that all these possibilities are brought together on the same platform, in which the patient also has their own reports. and all the information of your appointments and consultations in your profile.
All this in addition to having the support of renowned doctors and health companies such as Grupo Quiron or HM Hospitales, which are in relationship with Mafpre. Although the basic concept is to be able to access Private Health without having to pay monthly insurance, but only pay for each specific one, from Savia they are also committed to the monthly subscription model of large platforms, such as Spotify itself , to give advantages and unlimited use of options such as chat, through a monthly payment of 10 euros.
The other idea that Pedro Diaz Yuste highlights is the easy usability of the application, and even the option of being able to search for the closest services through geolocation. All this with the aim of really putting the user, or on this occasion the patient, at the center, taking advantage of the generation of big data to improve their experience and offering a service that conveys that health is not just the opposite of disease, but “freshness, vitality and confidence”.
One of the doubts offered by this type of service is the protection of clients’ medical data. As Diaz Yuste recalled, Savia was born after the new European regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that they have not had to adapt the service, but actually create it based on these new standards, which makes it more efficient. “We use the most advanced technology to guarantee user data,” explains the expert, insisting that data protection is essential in this business model. In fact, it is not even necessary for the user to register with their real surnames and ID, since any username is sufficient to access the platform. The information of each profile is protected within a personal cloud privately, but that allows the option of sharing the generated reports with the specialists chosen. Likewise, there is the possibility of associating several profiles, for example, from the same family unit, to manage clinical reports or medical appointments from the same app.

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