Mayra del Pilar is nowTania Llasera ‘s best friend . But it’s much more than that. She is one of the Mediaset stylists . Her taste for fashion meant that instead of dedicating herself to biology, a career that she studied, she opted for styling. The fact of working in the audiovisual group, where she is in charge of dressing the presenters of Telecinco and Cuatro, has changed her life.
Thanks to her work at Informativos Telecinco, she became very good friends with the presenters of the noon edition, Isabel Jimenez and Sara Carbonero.So much so that the three created the fashion firm Slow Love. They shared work and also beautiful moments personally. Mayra and Isabel’s trips and escapades to Porto to surprise Sara were constant. During the first years of their company, the three were delighted with having managed to combine their role as businesswomen with their friendship, something that is not always achieved. In fact, in his case everything went wrong.
At the end of 2017, Mayra suddenly stopped appearing on Sara and Isabel’s social networks and vice versa. Now they are no longer friends, and they are not partners either. The stylist has left the clothing firm to focus on her work at Mediaset and her family. The reasons for this labor break are not known. Personally, they do not maintain the friendship of yesteryear. In recent months there have only been some very cordial messages on Instagram in which they have congratulated each other for important moments in their lives, but little else.
Despite these breaks Mayra continues with her day to day. She has just experienced one of the most special moments of her life. She has married the father of her two daughters. Sara and Isabel were the great absentees of the link in which the stylist showed off her style and simplicity. It was a simple wedding, with few guests. But the few who were were very important people for the couple. Among them was Tania Llasera. The presenter was in charge of officiating the wedding and helping her friend to prepare all the details of the link. As they say through their social networks, Mayra and Tania have become almost like a family.
They share work and personal experiences. Both are mothers of children of very similar ages, something that unites them even more. The photos on social networks of the stylist and the presenter together are constant. Words of admiration and affection are dedicated through them. It seems that Mayra has found in Tania what she lost with her friends Sara and Isabel. Tania was even in charge of doing her makeup on her wedding day. And going back to the wedding, if there were any special guests at her wedding, they were little Lola and Carmen, her two daughters, three and one year old. Since she became a mother, Mayra’s life changed. Now everything revolves around the little ones. She is a great defender of issues such as the reconciliation between family and work life or breastfeeding.

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