LOL if you laugh, you lose is almost a return to the origins of Santiago Segura, who went to the contest No te rias que es worse in La 1 to finance his first short films. The actor and filmmaker is the host of this comedy reality show that premieres today on Amazon Prime Video.
Over six hours, ten comedians have to make each other laugh and remain serious during this revelry. 100,000 euros are at stake to donate to an NGO. Yolanda Ramos, Silvia Abril, Rossy de Palma, Paco Collado, Mario Vaquerizo, El Monaguillo, Edu Soto, David Fernandez, Carolina Noriega and Arevalo are the participants. As Segura’s assistants, Canita Brava and Xavier Deltell, also present in this interview.

–Why do you accept something like LOL
–Because Amazon is my favorite platform. More than anything because the others make me feel guilty when the whole month goes by and I haven’t seen anything, sometimes it happens to you. With Amazon, as always, I’m ordering packages… No kidding, I found this format funny and they asked me to present it as a James Bond villain. And also how could I have my own henchmen, Deltell and Canita. I feel responsible for them. It’s like having an uncle with some tare to whom you send food at Christmas. I try to get these people to work.
“I live surrounded by people who laugh, with the shit I do”

–Have you taken advantage of Xavier Deltell
It’s hard to find someone you don’t like –He

has worked a lot. I have given him a lot of prominence, so for another season I am looking for another.

-In this program the thing is to annoy the other making him laugh.
– That’s right, they had a bad time having a good time. It’s hard not to laugh among those ten comedians with different profiles. I would dare to say that there is no one in Spain who does not find among those ten names someone who is funny. That mix of profiles, with a history of humor like Arevalo, makes this a difficult corral to handle.

–How was the development of the recordings for six hours

–That ended so badly that the turntable was destroyed. We put cakes, what was happening to us and they came up with the most crazy ideas.

–Is there a colleague who has surprised you in this challenge
–We have been surprised by people who we thought would last longer and they laughed very easily, because here it is not whoever makes people laugh the most who wins, but rather who can last the longest without laughing.

–We know that the game had to be stopped because at first nobody wanted to maintain the composure of the rules of the game.
-It was just beginning. Within ten minutes we would have kicked everyone out, we were going to get seven yellow cards. I went in and told them, “Guys, a little security.”

–Are we facing the Spanish selection of humor

-Be careful with them. If there were humor competitions we would leave the pavilion high.

–Have we changed the Spanish and now we laugh at other things
-We laugh what they leave us. If you are unemployed, your father has died, it is true that there are fewer reasons. In the last two years the reasons to laugh have been less, but we always have the desire to laugh.

–In the networks he has found himself in a very bad mood.
-In the networks people are wanting to laugh and also let off steam. They have very sensitive skin, with that skin-deep sensitivity you get into trouble when you say something and they let you know their opinion with very bad manners.

–Given that the Academy does not award him, he does not even nominate him, will he make cult auteur films
–Isabel Coixet already said it: I make auteur films. Mine. On July 9th I premiere A todo tren and I’m still in my thirteen. And now lol. I live surrounded by people who laugh at the shit I do. I thank Heaven every day for having these friends.

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