The final of the Sanremo festival, which crowned Mahmood & Blanco winners with Shivers, obtained 13 million 380 thousand viewers on Rai1 (from 21.22 to 1.48), equal to 64.9%. Last year the last evening of the festival had scored an average of 9 million 970 thousand viewers with a 54.4% share.
The first part of the final evening of the festival (from 21.22 to 23.54) gathered 15 million 660 thousand spectators equal to 62.1% share; the second (from 11.58 to 1.48) 10 million 153 thousand with 72.1%. In 2020, the first part of the final evening of the festival had scored 13 million 203 thousand viewers with a 49.9% share, the second 7 million 730 thousand with 62.5%. The announcement of the winners of the 72nd Sanremo Festival (1.49-1.56) was followed by 6,422,000 spectators, with a share of 73.4%.
Amadeus therefore beats himself even on the final evening of the festival. In addition to exceeding the ratings of 2021, yesterday’s results also improve the record ones of 2020, when the last evening of the festival scored an average of 11 million 477 thousand spectators equal to 60.6% share (13 million 638 thousand spectators with the 56.8% in the first part, 8 million 969 thousand with 68.8% in the second).
It has been 22 years since a final of the Sanremo Festival has not obtained such a high average audience (13,380,000 spectators and 64.9% share). In fact, to find a higher one you have to go back to the 2000 festival, conducted by Fabio Fazio with Luciano Pavarotti, Teo Teocoli and Ines Sastre, who obtained an average share in the final of 65.47% share. Fuortes: “Quality is the key to success”
“I do not want to thank Amadeus, I would like to paean him, because he truly led both the artistic and the management part in a masterly way”. Rai CEO Carlo Fuortes said this at the Sanremo 2022 press conference. Fuortes also thanked “all our great Rai company”. And he stressed that the festival’s record result was achieved with a proposal of “great quality” and “quality pays off, because the public is smarter than you sometimes think”. Money: “Festival has hit the mark”
“The extraordinary audience figures of the last evening are the confirmation that this Festival has really hit the mark. Sanremo 2022 has united generations, bringing together singers of all ages, has made a current and inclusive society speak in different languages. . Rai’s offer has crossed all platforms, starting from general TV to go to radio and explode on social media, always remaining available in streaming. Participation was maximum, including controversies “. Thus the president of Rai, Marinella Soldi, comments on the success of the final evening and of the entire Sanremo Festival. “It was a great test and a demonstration of what Rai can offer,
“It is also important to underline the social success of this Festival: because the relevance of Rai public service can not only be measured on the audience of its products, but also on the ability to be present in the places where debate is created and opinions are therefore formed, today, on social media. I want to thank the over 13 million Italians who followed the festival live and the millions who participated in this great show party in streaming, on social media, on the radio. And thanks to those who have made a reality by working behind the scenes and on stage: Amadeus, the artists, the director Coletta and all the Rai staff “, concludes Soldi.

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