Photo of Sicily !. San Vito lo Capo is one of the most beautiful Sicilian seaside resorts . In addition to the beaches, it also attracts many tourists on the occasion of the Cous Cous Fest, an international cultural and food and wine festival typical of the San Vito tradition, during which a competition takes place involving the best chefs in the world.
Here is a guide to San Vito lo Capo to find out what to see, the best beaches and what to do in the evening, including aperitifs, restaurants and nightlife.

The most beautiful beaches of San Vito lo Capo
Cala Marinella, Zingaro, Eastern Coast

Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo, Zingaro, Eastern Coast

Lago di Venere, Eastern Coast

Tonnara del Secco, Eastern Coast

San Vito lo Capo beach, East Coast

Bue Marino beach, West coast

Caletta Rosa, West coast

Santa Margherita Bay, West coast


1 – Zingaro beaches and coves
Photo by sikeliakali. Located halfway between the municipalities of San Vito lo Capo and Castellammare del Golfo, the Riserva dello Zingarooffers 7 beautiful beaches. You may decide to visit only Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo, Cala dell’Uzzo and Cala Marinella (i.e. the beaches closest to the North entrance, located in the San Vito area). Or you could do a complete itinerary of the Reserve starting from the North Entrance and arriving at the South entrance, also visiting Cala Berretta, Cala della Disa, Cala del Varo and Cala Capreria (which are closer to the Castellammare side). The complete visit of the coast is recommended for people who are rather trained and used to trekking routes (the route is about 6 km long).

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2 – Cala Grottazza
Located just north of the Riserva dello Zingaro, precisely about 2.8 km on foot from the parking lot, this small beach offers splendid waters in which to dive. Given its proximity to the Reserve, it is often included in the one-day itinerary to discover the various coves but it is less crowded than the others.

3 – Lake of Venus
This is a little known but very interesting place, that is a small salt water lake formed hundreds of years ago by the fall into the water of some rocks collapsed from the mountain. Today this body of water is home to many fish , making it an ideal place to snorkel.

4 – Tonnara del Secco beach

Wild charm, full of mystery and suitable for snorkelers: ready to experience a “pirate” adventure in Tonnara del Secco
Suitable for snorkelling and fishwatching lovers (the seabed is teeming with all sorts of fish species). the seabed is immediately very deep, therefore it is not very suitable for children.

5 – Beach of San Vito Lo Capo
Photo of Sicily !. Picturesque, suggestive, fascinating. With its equipped promenade, shallow waters and crystal clear water, San Vito Lo Capo undoubtedly has all the credentials to give every kind of tourist an unforgettable stay.
The beach is mostly free, but there is the Al Sabbione bathing establishment with fully equipped staff, toilets and mini club for the little ones. Overcrowded in high season.

6 – Golfo di Macari
Photo by salvatore ciambra. Overlooking the Gulf of Macari, in a stretch of coast less than a kilometer long, there are three small beaches, one more beautiful than the other: Isolidda Beach, Bue Marino Beach and Caletta Rosa.
Elected “The most beautiful are you” in 2016 by Legambiente, Cala Bue Marino is certainly the best of the three, capable of conquering the visitor at first glance. Thanks to the crystalline waters of its sea, the nearby cliffs of Cala Mancina, the colorful colors of its flora.

7 – Baia Santa Margherita
Baia Santa Margherita is a jewel to be photographed and experienced in stark contrast to the chaos and nightlife of the city center, located near the hamlet of Castelluzzo , just 10 minutes from San Vito Lo Capo.
Suspended between the sea and the mountains, this inlet offers 5 coves all very close to each other, nestled between the natural reserves of Monte Cofano and dello Zingaro, and not far from the fishing village of Macari .
The main one and the Santa Margherita beach, followed by Scaru Brucia, Cala Bove (Scaru Zu Asparu), the Seno dell’Arena beach (Calazza) and the Chianca beach (La Lastra).

Other things to see and places of interest

1 – Chapel of Santa Crescenzia
Photo of Mboesch. When you are about to arrive in San Vito lo Capo, you cannot fail to notice a small and particular chapel in Moorish style : it was built in the distant 16th century in honor of the nurse of San Vito and according to ancient legend, precisely here, Crescenzia died of fright after turning to say goodbye to her Conturrana village which was collapsing under an avalanche.
A short distance from this small chapel stands the Torre dell’Isulidda, one of the many that served the Sicilians as a sighting and defense point .

2 – The Sanctuary
Photo of trolvag. The Sanctuary is located exactly in the center of San Vito lo Capo, in a nice and large square . This is thelargest of the city churches and is dedicated to San Vito Martire .
The large building in ancient times had the function of protecting the faithful from sudden pirate raids which were extremely frequent during the fifteenth century. Inside it is also possible to observe a small museum of Sacred Furniture which includes: the Sala degli Argenti containing the Immacolatella, the Monstrance and the Ecce Homo, the Hall of Wallpapers with the seventeenth-century chasuble, the Hall of devotion, the Staircase noble and the Terraces with the windbreaker tower.

3 – The Lighthouse
Since the 19th century this lighthouse dominates the coast of San Vitoand it was built at the behest of the Bourbons (many others were built in the rest of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies). Its construction began in 1854 and was first lit in 1859, today it is one of the most important symbols of the city .
It is 43 meters high and near it there is also a circular tower, probably erected for defensive purposes to protect itself from pirate attacks, called Torrazzo.
In the evening, many choose to take a quiet and relaxing walk in the immediate surroundings of the lighthouse , listening to the sound of the sea and admiring wonderful sunsets.

4 – Museo del Mare
In Via Savoia at number 57 (in the pedestrian area) there is the Museo del Mare, born in 1977 in which they are preciouslypreserved important archaeological finds that were recovered from the depths of San Vito lo Capo between 1993 and 1995.
Most of the objects are part of the wreck of the Arab-Norman ship which today is located on the seabed in front of the Lighthouse and the Museum and consisting of 4 different rooms: one is dedicated to the archaeologist Fabio Facenna, the other 3 are the Prehistoric one, with emblematic illustrations of the Neolithic and Paleolithic period, the Classic one with fragments of amphorae that tell of the naval battles in the Egadi an underwater excavation site was faithfully reconstructed.

  • How to get there: it is located in the city center, so it can be easily reached in a maximum of 10 minutes on foot (2 minutes from the Lungomare) – Get directions
  • Hours: open every day from 08:00 to 19:00
  • Ticket cost: free

Where to eat in San Vito lo Capo: the best restaurants
The cuisine of San Vito Lo Capo is very famous for being influenced by flavors coming mainly from North Africa. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Cous Cous is the typical dish of the city , which brings together Tunisian, Moroccan, Ivorian and other recipes, prepared in different versions. Tuna and tonnara products are also excellent. The local dessert par excellence is the Caldo Freddo , a cup of ice cream garnished with very fresh whipped cream and inside which is a wet rum brioche. This preparation is then covered with hot chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.
Here are the best restaurants in San Vito lo Capo.

  • Rais : very well-kept restaurant offering traditional cuisine, albeit revisited. The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace where it is possible to dine in the summer months. Cous cous specialty.
    Average price per person: € 35.00
    Address and contacts: via Principe Tommaso 8 (Get directions) / tel: 3400902838
  • Il Giardino dei Lumia : a place outside the town, has tables by the pool, where you can dine. The cuisine is typical Sicilian. Marinated shrimp specialty.
    Average price per person: € 25.00
    Address and contacts: via Verdesca, 26 (Get directions) / tel: 3391191398
  • Gardenia Restaurant : central restaurant, but located in a side street, therefore very quiet. It offers traditional cuisine with an excellent quality-price ratio. Busiate specialty with pesto.
    Average price per person: € 25.00
    Address and contacts: via Dante Alighieri, 3 (Get directions) / tel: 0923972188
  • Ristorantino Al Faro : not very touristy restaurant located near the port, also but with many typical Sicilian recipes. Tonnara platter specialty.
    Average price per person: € 30.00
    Address and contacts: via Faro, 105 (Get directions) / tel: 09231815079
  • Zingaro : restaurant located inside the Zingaro hotel, but also open for external guests. Small, but refined, it offers typical dishes of Trapani cuisine. Fish couscous specialty.
    Average price per person: € 40.00
    Address and contacts: via Cristoforo Colombo, 51 (Get directions) / tel: 092362149

What to do in the evening: nightlife areas and the best clubs
The nightlife of San Vito is more like a cocktail bar than a disco, although certainly there is no shortage of clubs and entertainment for all ages. In addition, the San Vito summer always presents a full calendar of events and concerts, which culminate in the Cous Cous Fest in September, so you never get bored.

  • Sea Garden Beach Bar & Lounge : it is a cult venue, on the beach, perfect for both an aperitif and a dinner by the sea, followed by DJ sets and music until late.
    Address: Via Savoia, 1 (Get directions)
  • MarVin Cafe : cocktail bar in the center, perfect for an aperitif or an evening drink.
    Address: Via Dogana, 30 (Get directions)
  • Tha’am : restaurant, rooms and narghile, a place with an oriental soul and a thousand and one nights atmospheres.
    Address: Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 32 (Get directions)
  • Moonbay Summer Club : disco, lounge bar, aperitifs and Latin dance floor, and the summer club of San Vito lo Capo.
    Address: Contrada Piano di Sopra, 10 (Get directions)
  • BIK BAK : young and innovative cocktail bar that uses local spirits and raw materials to create its cocktails
    Address: Via Farini, 26 (Get directions)

Plan your stay in San Vito lo Capo: info and useful tips

  • How to get there: it is not well connected. If you arrive by plane in Palermo or Trapani, the best solution is to rent a car or book a private transfer, otherwise you must first reach Trapani city with the Segesta bus and from there reach San Vito lo Capo with the AST bus.
  • How to get around : the village can be visited on foot or better still by bike, but if you stop more than a weekend, we recommend renting a car to visit the surroundings.
  • Where to sleep: if you want to go only on foot, look for a solution in the center. If you are also willing to move around by bike, you can also opt for something less central – compare the best accommodations on booking
  • What to see in the surrounding area : Zingaro Reserve (12 km), Scopello (20 km), Monte Cofano Reserve (14 km), Erice (32 km), Trapani (34 km)
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