In the official profile of Misa Rodriguez on Twitter, the ‘tweet’ no longer exists. His message, however, left a mark on the digital world. It was written from the passion for Real Madrid; it could be said that also from innocence. Just two words. “Same passion”. And two photos. On the left, Marco Asensio celebrating the goal with which he contributed to the victory (3-1) against Liverpool. On the right, she shouting her recent victory against Atletico de Madrid.
Two successes, from the men’s and women’s teams of Real Madrid, and the same reaction. The Balearic and the Canary stretching, in full joy, the shirt. It so happens that Misa Rodriguez was disappointed by the reactions to her post and the disgusting sexualization of her message. “That one wants to stop two balls at the same time” or “as much passion as the desire to screw it” were some of the answers he received in full concentration with the selection in Marbella.
I delete the post. But Marco Asensio himself recovered his words. “Same passion. Let nothing and no one stop you from saying what you think,” wrote the Madrid attacker on two photos. In one, his celebration; in another, that of Mass.
Marcelo, Dani Carvajal, Casemiro or Vinicius emulated their partner and, immediately, a cascade of reactions began along the same lines.
Barcelona, ​​Real Sociedad, Levante, Osasuna, Leganes and the Spanish national team, among many others, also shared a passion for their footballers. For all, without exception; by the men and women who make up their men’s and women’s teams.
“I do it too,” added the Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes.
“With passion like Misa, yes. In this social network, gender equality and due respect for an extraordinary female athlete have been defended. It has been done from soccer, from basketball and from other sports. And by individual athletes. I I also do it: Same passion”,
From abroad, Eintracht Frankfurt, Benfica, River Plate, Colo Colo, Gremio… Pau Gasol, Sergio Llull or Pablo Laso extended their claim to other disciplines. Also the Spanish Olympic Committee, the Higher Sports Council and many other sports federations.
“We are the people who have to take the steps forward and, in this case, it has been the Real Madrid footballers themselves who have taken the initiative. Thanks to the impact they have, the sports industry has joined that campaign or action to say once and for all: ‘enough is enough’. I think it is something historic and, probably, we will not realize it until some time has passed”, Arkaitz Coca, the founder of Unik, reflected in statements to EFE.
“We have been wanting to see a change in society for some time and to show that equality is not just a label from FIFA or a club itself. We all have the responsibility to make sure that it is not forgotten and we take one more step to put in value what is a reality that many deny. The growth of women’s soccer at an international level is a reality. Same passion, same objectives, same values ​​and, above all, same rights”, I wish.
And it is that sport aims to break down barriers to achieve progress. “They deserve the same respect,” said Iberdrola, a company that supports 16 sports federations and names 22 top-tier leagues and 35 other competitions, “because it is the same sacrifice, the same sport and the same passion,”
The campaign, viral on social media, is reminiscent of an initiative promoted in 2017 by the Spanish football association.
In 2017, LaLiga brought together a male and female soccer player from the nine clubs that then had a team in LaLiga Santander and in the Iberdrola League. Nine conversations about soccer, regardless of gender, under the motto “We talk about the same thing”. Because his passion for soccer, as Misa Rodriguez said, is the same. That is the conquest of a ‘tweet’ that no longer exists and that, however, is leading the change.

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