Fun route of ups and downs for medium level. The route leaves from Cazalla de la Sierra. Just before reaching the town there is a roundabout in which the first exit corresponds to the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Monte, and the second exit takes you directly into the town. We take this. We walk a few meters and take the first exit on the right. There is the municipal swimming pool. park over here
From the car park you have to continue in the same direction in which we entered with the car, trying to pass between the bullring of the municipality and the local soccer field. We climb a curious slope that there is and right at the end we already have an indication to turn to the right of the Ruta de las Laderas. From there we look for Parras street and just at the end of the street the route begins.
As a reference, there is a fountain called Fuente del Chorrillo and a small square commemorating the time that the local patron saint of Mount was there. We take the path and continue along a stone and albero lane. On the sides we have fences with orchards and livestock, especially sheep. Walking a few first and peaceful kilometers, the good begins. We begin a first descent along a path flanked by fig trees, blackberry brambles, chestnut trees, holm oaks and cork oaks. We arrive at a first gate and we will have to pass three more. From here follows a new descent between clay stone and slate that gives a very characteristic appearance to this hillside of Cazalla.
We will continue descending from the more than 600 meters that are reached in the town to something more than 300 that we will reach in the lowest area. There is a negative slope of 222 meters and a positive slope of 254. We continue along a path very similar to the one we saw at the beginning with acacias, poplars and eucalyptus. We will have already passed the other 3 gates announced above, (it never hurts to warn that you always have to leave them closed).
After a while flattening we come to a sign that warns of the train track. You have to be careful on this section. Passing the train track, we arrive at one of the most beautiful places in the area: the recreational area of ​​the Molino del Corcho. At this fork, if you continue to the right, you can take a look at the Hueznar River, and even take a bath if you feel like it.
If you want to try another time, here is the greenway that connects with Constantina, El Pedroso and San Nicolas del Puerto and also the affordable Cork Mill route, where water is the protagonist. Our circular continues straight, to later, at the next crossroads, turn left again following the indication of Ruta de Las Laderas. Now we have to redo what was undone in terms of unevenness. It’s time to go up. The climb begins and practically does not end until we reach the end of the route.
The landscapes and natural viewpoints of the Sierra Norte accompany the hiker during the ascent that is close to 4 kilometers. The shadows of the hundreds of trees in the area give a respite on the ascent.
The arrival of the route is behind the town. The many bars and restaurants in the area will delight walkers on a route of about 9 km as fun as it is enjoyable.

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