The Paseo de las Delicias is the starting and finishing point of the 2019Zurich Seville Marathon , which this Sunday, February 17, will fill its streets with runners. As already announced in its presentation, with the Estadio de la Cartuja closed pending improvements to its roof, the new route also presents novelties in its layout and reduces the number of curves to 33 and contemplates a third of the route in the field of historic center, specifically, from kilometer 34, located in the Plaza de Espana, to the finish line.

A monumental marathon
What is the flattest circuit in Europe (at sea level and protected from the wind) is one of the most attractive in terms of its landscape. On its way, it goes through monumental areas where such emblematic buildings as the Torre del Oro, the Giralda, the Parque de Maria Luisa or the Maestranza are located. Without forgetting that, thanks to the traffic restrictions, the walk will be made more comfortable for the spectators.

Complete route of the Seville Marathon 2019

The start of the marathon will be at 08:30 in the Paseo de las Delicias, at the Glorieta de Buenos Aires -08:29 for wheelchairs and 08:40 for the last ones- .
The first to reach the finish line will do so around 10:37, while the forecasts are 10:15 for wheelchairs and 14:45 for the latter.
After starting at the Paseo de las Delicias, the runners will continue through the Glorieta de los Marineros, Paseo de Cristobal Colon, Calle Arjona, Avenida de Torneo, Glorieta Duquesa Cayetana de Alba and Puente de la Barqueta .
Once in the Cartuja , the tour will continue along Puerta de la Barqueta Street, Jose de Galvez Street, Juan Bautista Munoz Street, Americo Vespucio Street, Glorieta de Ingenieros, Path of the Discoveries and Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada Street.
Arrived at Avenida Ronda de Triana, the test will continue its tour through Plaza San Martin de Porres, Lopez de Gomara street, Avda. Blas Infante, Carlos Cano roundabout, Alfredo Kraus street, Virgen de la Oliva, Santa Fe, Virgen de Lujan, Las Cigarreras roundabout and Puente of the Remedies.
Passing through the Glorieta de los Marineros , the runners return to the Paseo de Colon towards Calle Arjona, Avenida de Torneo, Glorieta Duquesa Cayetana de Alba, Avda. Concejal Alberto Jimenez Becerril, Glorieta Olimpica, Avda. Juventudes Musicales, Ronda Urbana Norte (SE -30), Glorieta Berrocal, Mayor Manuel del Valle Avenue, Carmona Highway and Francisco de Arino Street
Once in the Round (Esperanza de la Trinidad street), the athletes will take Avda. Jose Laguilo to end at Juan Antonio Cavestany street and then at Luis Montoto street .
From Kansas City it will go to Efeso Street, Ada, Avda. Padre Jose Maria Javierre, Avda. de Andalucia and will return to Luis Montoto Street, Luis de Morales, San Francisco Javier, Diego Martinez Barrio, Cardenal Bueno Monreal, Manuel Siurot and Guadaira.
Facing the Avenida de la Palmera, you will go through Avda. de la Guardia Civil, Avda. de la Borbolla, Avda. de Don Pelayo, Avda. Isabel la Catolica, until you reach the Plaza de Espana to continue along Avda. de Isabel, Glorieta San Diego, Avda. Portugal, Avda. de la Borbolla, Juan de Mata Carriazo street, Jose Maria Moreno Galvan and Luis Montoto streets.
Returning to the Ronda via Recaredo, you will reach Maria Auxiliadora to pass through the Ronda de Capuchinos, Munoz Leon, the Andalusian Parliament, Resolana, Vib Arragel and Calatrava streets.
From the Alameda de Herculesyou pass Trajano to lead to the Plaza del Duque de la Victoria. Once in La Campana, the runners will enter O’Donnell, Velazquez, Tetuan, Plaza Nueva, Avda. de la Constitucion, Puerta de Jerez, Calle San Fernando, Plaza de Don Juan de Austria, Avda. de Cid, Glorieta San Diego, Avda. de Maria Luisa, to reach the Glorieta de los Marineros and conclude at the Paseo de las Delicias.

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