Today a very simple route, beautiful and with water as a special companion all the way. To get here we will have to position the Molino del Corcho Recreational Area in the GPS, located a few kilometers from Cazalla de la Sierra. If you enter from Cazalla de la Sierra you have to take the road that leaves from the gas station and the indication for the exit point will be found after a few kilometers (4 or 5) after just passing the level crossing of the train tracks that connect the towns of the Sevillian Sierra Norte. We turn right at the indication of the Molino del Corcho and we will have to go with the car about 1 kilometer until we reach the parking lot of the recreational area.
From the recreational area car park, look for the path that has a barrier and continue until you come to a fork in the road. When we reach that fork (it is the area below a railway bridge) if we turn right at the railway bridge we will go to Cazalla on the Ladera circular road. We discard the option and continue straight to find our indication for the Molino del Corcho route. We will continue walking straight until we come to a new crossroads. The bridge that crosses the Hueznar river can already be glimpsed.
We have to go left to cross the bridge. Once on the other side of the bridge we turn right. We find the indications of our route. The road begins.
Officially the route runs along a Natural Park path that is prohibited to motor vehicles (unless authorized) and is quite easy to walk. There are shadows (unfortunately not all the way) and the variety of flora is exquisite. Now, the recommendation for this route is to use the paths that have been gradually opening along the riverbank, a few meters from the waterfall (river totally suitable for bathing and enjoyment).
Pros of doing the route like this: The shade, the sound of the water in small waterfall-shaped jumps, the wind stirring the leaves of the trees, the song of birds and the sounds of the fauna… All these ingredients will delight of lovers of Gaia, lovers of the original essence of the land, and primitive life. It will be a joy for a more than necessary urban disconnection. You can also alternate road and river.
The end of the route is easy to see: a gigantic fence will indicate that you have finished the route there. If you continue along the path you would join the route that connects with El Pedroso.

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