The kitchen and bathroom are the most popular areas of the house, for the whole family, at all hours of the day and night. They are two spaces in an apartment or house that were once hidden behind a closed door: out of disorder, out of a form of modesty, or because they were considered unrepresentative service rooms.
Today things have changed. Sensitivity has changed. The trend has undergone a U-turn. After a move, or after the purchase of the first home, the nest that welcomes our independent life, guests who come to visit us for the first time, take a small tour of the apartment and leave from the kitchen, which often overlooks directly on the living room.
The antechamber, understood as the old entrance that leads to the living area, has almost disappeared. The kitchen often constitutes a single room with the area dedicated to conversation, where sofas and armchairs are placed. It is bordered by a peninsula or a table connected in some way to the worktop.
All the strategic steps to prepare the various delicacies planned for lunch, dinner or a simple snack are under the eyes of the guests, who wait seated on soft cushions or at the table, ready to hold a knife and fork.
In the article we tell how the rooms of yesterday’s house have changed in perception and image, lived in a distinctly different way from our grandparents and our parents. Then we deepen and try to understand how to furnish a living room with a modern kitchen and how to furnish a bathroom in a modern style . Topics index

  • Kitchen and bathroom: rooms in today’s home to show or hide
  • How to furnish a modern bathroom: furniture and appliances
  • How to furnish a small modern bathroom: the scene is also miniature
  • How to furnish a modern kitchen: majestic parallelepipeds
  • How to furnish a small modern kitchen

Kitchen and bathroom: rooms of the house today to show or hide
The rooms of the house of yesterday remain in our memories as faded daguerreotypes or vivid images, but with blurred outlines, which warm our hearts. The protagonists are the kitchen and the bathroom, which were once hidden from the gaze of visitors. In the dining room we had long chats with grandmothers, aunts and great-aunts, while the bathroom was coveted for water games or moments of necessary solitude.
Today the spaces of the house are shown and experienced in a radically different way. In the city, the sizes of apartments and houses have shrunk, like woolen sweaters after the washing machine’s cotton program. The internal distribution of the spaces of the housing units has been completely redesigned. Entrances and corridors are endangered environments. The eat-in kitchen has become a great little luxury for those who can afford apartments with larger sizes.
So, how the environments of the house have changed yesterday , when there was more space available
How we find them today that we have to fight and live with urbanization and an increasingly hectic everyday life
Of necessity it becomes virtue, we know, and the taste changes accordingly. The cuisine that used to be shy and hid, with its smells of fried food, onion, cooking that is too long or not very delicate aromas, now plays the part of the peacock. The living room shows it as a flagship, the highlight, the most scenic part of the house.
The kitchens have gained the island or the peninsula. They extend with their offshoots intended for a quick dinner on stools. They face the living room face to face, they try to invade it, but they are effectively covered up by comfortable sofas, armchairs, bookcases and TV cabinets. Show or hide, that’s the problem
Tell me what kitchen you have and I’ll tell you who you are. It could start like this. And the same goes for the bathroom. Depending on the characteristics of an apartment or a villa, we can decide whether to exhibit shapes and details of the kitchen and bathroom or hide everything behind doors accessible only to “insiders”.
In short, for the composition of the spaces of the house, it seems that there are two main schools of thought: there are those who show everything, and there are those who hide everything. The two visions of the world, or rather, of the house, would sometimes seem independent of the square meters available. The kitchen that shows itself: appliances and equipment perfectly aligned
Whoever shows everything aligns the small appliances, the equipment that must always be at hand, hangs the pot holders, ladles, scissors on the worktop. The useful objects of the kitchen also become furnishing objects, with a decorative value. The space all decked out with useful things fills up, transforms itself, becomes more beautiful. The hidden kitchen: the mystery in the pot
Who hides everything perfectly organizes the containers using the equipment that is placed in the internal compartments. Today the kitchens provide real systems, so complete as to make the most demanding chef pale.
The hidden kitchen looks like a second skin, it has the appearance of a kind of voluminous wall covering, completely away from the prosaic nature of the functions.Exposed cuisine and hidden cuisine: the results
What perception one has of an exhibited kitchen
AND of the hidden
one Result one: warm, lived-in, welcoming, colorful, beautiful cuisine, even if messy.
Result two: laboratory kitchen, all doors and drawers, with the minimum number of indispensable shelves and absolutely no objects hanging from the under-wall unit. The bathroom that shows itself: small spas in your home
The two schools of thought of exhibiting and hiding the kitchen are generalizations that result in extreme attitudes, but in a gross way they are reflected in the typical ways in which today’s bathrooms are made. The bathroom between kitchen and living roomit could be another good idea .. I don’t know if unfortunately or fortunately, but the data speak for themselves. Many of us have had the bathtub replaced with a large shower tray, where you can wash your feet under a jet of water that is often adjustable to your liking. The shower is faster, more comfortable, and can be equipped with differentiated jets, super shower heads, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, speakers to listen to music, sauna, hydromassage and seat to relax properly. Walls, floors and materials in general cover the bathroom with infinite possibilities between colors, textures and material consistency.
Here then, from the simple bathroom we were used to during our childhood, we find ourselves a mini spa at home. When we think about how to furnish a modern bathroom, environments that remind us of the relaxation corner of a thermal bath come to mind. How to furnish a modern bathroom: furniture and appliances
How to furnish a vain and cheeky modern bathroom, all full of itself, which shamelessly imitates the spaces of a luxury spa
The design of the furniture, bathroom fixtures and useful tools in the proposed room of the house body care must be combined with the need to obtain a functional and pleasant environment.
Washing machine and dryer are the essential appliances connected to the room of the house dedicated to hygiene and well-being (blessed are those who invented them). They can be perfectly integrated into the bathroom furniture. For the lucky ones, who have an abundant square footage available, the most suitable place to install them is the laundry room.
Today it is not a problem to have a washing machine and dryer next to the bedroom. In fact, the latest generation models for washing and drying linen are much quieter than those of the past. Even when they spin, they are not very noisy.
By the way, we want to talk about the washing machine model that allows you to add a garment even after starting the program
Here’s an item to add to your wish list if your budget is big. How to furnish a small modern bathroom: the scene is also miniature
But if it is small, how small it is
. The presence of mirrors helps to multiply the cubic meters of our room dedicated to taking care of ourselves.
The color of the walls makes the difference when deciding how to furnish a small modern bathroom. Dark shades are banned, which remove light and make them smaller. Even the baroque must not be taken into consideration, if the square footage of the bathroom is small.
Although proportionate to the extension of the room, the shower always reserves the possibility to go further, to add pleasure to the necessary, with accessories such as hydromassage and chromotherapy. How to furnish a modern kitchen: majestic parallelepipeds
The kitchen dominates today’s homes. It occupies the living area, elbowed with sofas and armchairs, there is no way to keep it in check. So, how to furnish a modern kitchen
To answer the question and clarify how to furnish a modern kitchen, it is necessary to formulate a premise. Today’s kitchen that just can’t manage to escape from looks, because it wants to stay in the living room at all costs, and a kitchen that is always elegant. The lines are sober, clear, the colors do not invoke excesses, almost never.
If you are gripped by the question “how to furnish a modern kitchen”, you must be well aware that nowadays kitchens develop as imposing parallelepipeds that prefer neutral colors, like some flashes on sometimes. Only if you really can’t do without it. How to furnish a small modern kitchen
If we are wondering how to furnish a small modern kitchen , there are two cases to consider. We struggle to know how to furnish a modern small eat-in kitchen or a kitchen that must integrate into the living room space How to furnish a modern small eat-in kitchen
To equip a small eat-in kitchen in the best way, you need to set yourself the goal of exploiting every centimeter of available walls. If there is a window in the kitchen, it is possible to insert a kitchen container module also under the door of the frame. In this way, the space available for storing dishes, pots, glasses, cooking utensils and food is greater.
A wall table that can be closed when not in use is a good solution. In fact, it allows you to move freely during the preparation of dishes for lunch and dinner and to have seats to consume the dishes directly in the kitchen. How to furnish a modern small open kitchen in the living room
It happens to furnish a studio apartment and deal with a not generous size. In these cases, it almost torments oneself to ask how to furnish a small modern open kitchen in the living room, which is also the sleeping area where one rests.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Today it is the same even when a one-room apartment puts us to the test, but we have to insert the kitchen, because the food is not skipped.
To make those who own a studio happy, there are the monobloc kitchens that disappear completely when not in use. They become a simple panel applied to a wall, or at least this is the appearance. There are models that open and provide a small table for two or four people.
In the luckiest case of a living room with open kitchen, in a two-room or three-room apartment, it is possible to choose kitchen models with a peninsula or with an island. The structure of the kitchens with peninsula or island makes it possible to identify the space dedicated to the preparation of dishes and to contrast it with pleasant lines with the real living area, where sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and bookcases stand out.

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