Rocio Osorno
‘s dresses are a real fantasy, especially for those who adore sequins and glitter, as the Blonde Neighbor would say. The influencer, who is responsible for Rocio Osorno Atelier, impregnates her bridal and guest collections with glitter, sequins and tulle, which turns her designs into dreamy dresses. The Sevillian manages to give a touch of sophistication to each of her designs by incorporating these risky elements, but which in her proposals are a success. A kind of hallmark in her collections that Rocio Osorno now transfers to a new initiative.
With Christmas just around the corner and the uncertainty that hangs over it, we have stopped thinking about the great model that we will wear on those dates. Although Christmas this year has a different look, the dates are still important and a perfect occasion to throw glitter , sequins and brilliance. Maybe you are not going to share a great dress, but Rocio Osorno offers you the possibility of resorting to a fantasy look for Christmas with the most used accessory in recent months: the mask.
Everything seems to indicate that the masks are going to be among us for a long time, so this Christmas we have no choice but to think of a Christmas stylewith the matching mask. Or a simple styling in which the mask gives it that glamorous and sophisticated point that characterizes Christmas looks. Rocio Osorno seems to give us the solution to our Christmas look with her new collection of party masks , which will be released on November 13. If his clothes are already an absolute fantasy, we are sure his masks will be loaded with sequins so that you shine with your own light while protecting yourself and others.
A few weeks ago, Rocio Osorno communicated through her Instagram account that she was working on a new project that she was very excited about. The Sevillian, who studied Agricultural Technical Engineering and Industrial and Fashion Patternmaking, does not stop reinventing herself and, in addition to her collections of her dresses, she has dared with the design of the masks .
We have seen how firms have launched their own collections of fabric masks with original designs, but those of Rocio Osorno have nothing to do with what you have seen so far. Theirs has a sophisticated touch that makes them the ideal accessory for this Christmas. The Sevillian woman transfers the fantasy of her dresses to masks and we are delighted with her proposal.
Through her Instagram account we have been able to verify that, as with her dresses, the fabrics with which the masks have been made are very rich, with sequins and even embroidery . But what you will surely be most interested in knowing is that they are approved , that is why they are taking longer than they had planned since they were signed to put them up for sale.
After studying the models and being sure that their designs meet the standards and security measures, Rocio Osorno has confirmed that this November 12 is the date chosen to put them on sale through her website. What we still don’t know is the price that these party masks will have.

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