In recent years, much has been said about Rocio Carrasco and Rocio Flores, mother and daughter who have not spoken to each other for seven years.Not even a phone call. Rocio and his brother David didn’t even go to his mother’s wedding with Fidel Albiac , nothing. First she broke her bond and, when she came of age, hers; Both went to live with their father in Malaga , ignoring any relationship with their mother. While Rocio Flores adapts to the Honduran climate in the reality show Survivors and crosses reproaches with Yiya, these days more information has been known about the court ruling that sentenced the young woman when she was 15 years old for “mistreatment” of Yiya’s mother. her.
After years of speculation, in which the daughter of Rocio Jurado has never wanted to enter and in the midst of a relentless war with her ex and father of her children, Antonio David Flores, the Vanitatis website has gathered the data of the dispute in a special that separated forever (at least for the moment) the daughter and granddaughter of Rocio Jurado. Although sometimes it has been implied that Rociiito voluntarily renounced custody of his children , apparently the reality is far from this.
The fragile peace in the Carrasco-Albiac home was definitively blown up on July 27, 2012 when, according to the sentence, due to a nectarine, Rocio Flores attacked her mother, who had to be treated. of various injuries. “He gave her several blows, even throwing her to the ground, to later continue hitting her, kicking her several times,” the document states.
But the situation becomes even more entangled, which allows us to get an idea of ​​the complicated family situation. Although Rocio Flores asked the driver to take her to the Civil Guard, he refused her and took her to the school where she studied. There the youngest, who at that time was 15 years old, insisted again to his teachers that he had to go to the barracks and the hospital, but he was not allowed, according to the statements made before the judge. As the minor had notified her father, from Malaga he sent several friends to the school with the intention of taking the adolescent from the center, something that at first they did not allow, but that she finally achieved.
This couple of friends was also called to testify and assured that Rocio Flores had told them “between sobs that his mother had hit him” and one of them remembers that he had traces of nectarine in his hair and “scratches” on his legs. Something that neither the teachers at the center nor the driver who took her there appreciated. Hours later, always according to the sentence,Antonio David Flores accompanied his daughter to the Civil Guard to denounce Rocio Carrasco.But in the end it would be her who would be sentenced by a judge for a crime of “habitual abuse” , explaining in the court order that this had been going on ” for approximately three years, and repeatedly, has been threatening family peace”, emphasizing that it was not an isolated incident, as if it was what happened on July 27. In that case, Rocio Carrasco presented an injury report in which it was estimated that Her physical damage was consistent with what she described had happened to her daughter that same morning, while in the case of the minor, after a physical examination, the doctors assured that the bruises on her legs had been from days ago and that there were no injuries. had more injuries.
The sentence also indicates that Rocio Flores would be the author of “a continued lack of threats and a continued lack of insults”. Antonio David Flores appealed this lawsuit in the Provincial Court of Madrid, but it was dismissed. From the end of July,Rocio Flores moved to live with her father and his wife, Olga Moreno.The relationship between mother and daughter has never been resumed since this episode, although it is not known if there has been any type of contact between them after the Justice ordered the “temporary physical separation between them”.
Unaware that this information has seen the light, Rocio daughter assures in Honduras that she misses her boyfriend, and “sex”.Also to her family, I assure you laughing, but from her mother, nothing at all. Zero.

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